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Release Date: Tue, May 10, 2011 at 12:57 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz


  • Restructured the position editing page to better integrate the defer button.
    Fixes bug #659

  • Copied the jquery-1.5.1.min.js library into /static/js/lib (from
    /static/js) because that's where the main document template was looking for
    it. There have probably been several problems since the change that left
    this dangling that showed up as things not behaving, but not as errors. The
    one that clued me in was the discuss text-box not being hidden when the
    position wasn't DISCUSS. They should all behave better now.

  • Added a django form validator to the discuss text field to not allow
    actions when the position is Discuss, but the discuss-text is empty. 2 and
    3 together fix bug #660

  • Added logic to the undefer fuction to put the document back on the
    previous telechat (if that hasn't already passed). That is, date1 from
    telechat dates, and not date2. Fixes bug #661

  • Changed the last_call_announcement generation function's template to
    include the abstracts from the document sets (which with modern usage means
    the abstract of the document) reflecting the IESGs decision of a few months
    back. Fixes bug #662

  • Removed the old tracker link from the document's main page. Fixes bug #663


  • Handle email recipient lists which contain None elements correctly.
    Fixes an instance of failure to send notifications about a submitted
    draft where an author email address was missing.

  • Add an admin interface to the I-D submission app, to make it easier to
    handle manual tasks related to submissions.

  • Add the submission hash to initial-revision-approval emails to WG chairs,
    so their approvals will take effect. Fixes a problem where WG Chair
    approvals of WG draft submissions didn't take effect

  • Apply autoescape off to all email templates which don'have it but
    might need it, to avoid html entity escapes in emails. Fixes another
    set of instances where this potentially could occur.

  • We cannot currently assume that BallotInfo entries matching
    IDInternal.ballot exists. It seems ballot may be set to a value before the
    actual ballot entry is created, possibly by some old secretariat tool. Very
    broken, but we need to survive it :-( Fixes a crash in the admin

  • Reordered entries of submission forms and notification emails to be
    more appropriate.

  • Changed wrapping of formatted text to expand tabs during text wrapping, in
    order to get consistent indentation handling.