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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 8838 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Sun, January 25, 2015 at 7:36 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a release containing a large number of small fixes and enhancements,
as follows:

  • Merged in [8879] from
    Grant hte IRTF Chair access to proceedings. Fixes #1580.

  • Merged in [8870] from
    Inform the secretariat when a duplicate is created that isn't
    already a duplicate Improve the message that's sent when
    either duplicate Person or Alias names are detected.

  • Merged in [8861] from
    Changes to allow upload of bluesheets in materials upload page. Primarily
    for use with Interim meetings.

  • Merged in [8856] from
    Show out-of-area ads on /wg/. Fixes #1555. Related to #1557.

  • Merged in [8855] from
    Fixed the Back and Cancel buttons in recording views. Fixes #1577.

  • Merged in [8854] from
    This is the second step towards ADs out of GroupInfo into Role.
    The use of has been scrubbed from the code and templates.

    • Those places that set have been directly manipulate Role
      objects instead

    • Most places that read now use a new group.ad_role() that
      returns a Role object, simplifing some views.

    Related to #1555 and #1557.

  • Merged in [8853] from
    Fixed audio recordings which weren't showing in the proceedings.

  • Merged in [8852] from
    Fixed the ability to replace minutes and agendas.

  • Merged in [8851] from
    This is the first step towards using Role to represent Area directors. It

    • Migrates the information captured in to Role objects.

    • Renames to GroupInfo._ad (retaining the current column name)
      to prepare for deletion of that field.

    • Provides ad property accessor and setter methods implemented using the
      group's role_set (so that the existing view code continues to work with
      minimal changes)

    • Improved selection in many querysets that assumed only groups of type
      area would have area directors.

    Related to #1557 and #1555.

  • Merged in [8850] from
    Changed the permission guards on edit_notify to reflect the policy that
    #1517 tried to establish. Fixes #1517 and #1575.

  • Merged in [8849] from
    Fixed several issues with IPR references in iesg templates.

  • Merged in [8848] from
    Don't add the group's ad to the list of people who need to be at a meeting
    if the group doesn't have an ad. Protects the field formatter from
    occurances of None in passed in lists. Patch applied to production.

  • Merged in [8846] from
    Added tests for document urls that provide a revision for all the document
    types the view code currently handles. Refactored parts of Document and
    DocHistory into DocumentInfo to get the tests to pass. (but careful
    review is probably warranted).

  • Merged in [8845] from
    Allowed editing of legacy disclosures which don't have required fields
    (set required=False).

  • Merged in [8843] from
    Reworked the definition of future_presentations and last_presented. Fixes

  • Merged in [8842] from
    Fixed the document search result row and IESG agenda documents row links
    to IPR. Fixes #1570.

  • Merged in [8841] from
    Fixed the links to the IPR search from the doc pages. Fixes #1569.

  • Merged in [8840] from
    Automatically ensure Alias records exists when Person records are changed,
    relieving multiple code locations of that responsibility. Fixes bug #1550.

  • Merged in [8801] from
    Verify that add_state_change_event returned something before trying to
    use attributes of the return value. Fixes bug #1566.

  • Merged in [8726] from
    Send mail to the secretariat when a Person is created with the same name
    as some other Person objects in case its a duplicate that needs to be
    merged. Fixes ticket #1553.

  • Merged in [8733] from
    Fixed an old bug in liaison tool - WG discussion lists where being CC'ed
    with their list_subscribe rather than list_email address, and the former
    is usually a URL, not an email address so cause a validation error when
    submitting the statement

  • Merged in [8723] from
    Fixed a problem where trying to add duplicate name in Rolodex causes 500
    error. Fixes ticket #1469,

  • Merged in [8718] from
    Copy the secretariat on the message sent to the RFC Editor and IANA when a
    draft is pulled from the RFC Editor queue. Fixes ticket #1549.

  • Merged in [8716] from
    Highlight need for milestone review and approval in messages to leadership
    when a milestone edit requires approval. Don't bother the group when the
    only changes are those needing approval. Fixes ticket #1501.

  • From
    Fixed Room.unicode() to handle capacity None.

  • Made the generated postfix alias/virtual files include the AD emails in
    the -chairs alias.

  • Added admin support for meeting.models.ResourceAssociation.