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Summary: IETF 93 Code Sprint
Release Date: Tue, July 21, 2015 at 10:13 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release contains the datatracker bugfixes and enhancements from the
IETF-93 Code Sprint. It contains a lot of HTML validity fixes which
makes our HTML even cleaner, fixes a number of issues, and introduces
support for providing information about draft replacements at draft
submissions time. Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

  • Merged in Ole's submit-time draft replacement information work, as
    tested and updated by Robert and Adam.

  • Added escaping of changelist content for the /release/ pages.

  • Merged in [9821] from
    Allow Secretariat to submit drafts during blackout period. Fixes #1755.

  • Merged in [9813] from
    Added navigation to the new secretariat agenda tools. Changed the buttons
    at the top of the agenda.html page to links.

  • Merged in [9812] from
    Added code to inform ADs, chairs and delegates of WG personnel changes.
    Fixes #1310.

  • Merged in [9809] from
    Added some whitespace to make wrapping AD names in ballots a bit easier to

  • Merged in [9806] from
    Fixed a longstanging formatting issue with the ballot popup.

  • Merged in [9803] from
    Converted a few more URLs from http to https.

  • Reverted some look-and-feel changes that came in with recent document
    metadata html and python refactoring, which undid fixes related to issues
    #1659 and #1663.

  • Merged in [9802] from
    Fixed references (relative to absolute) in template
    ietf/templates/group/active_areas.html, fixed build failure on unused
    import in file,

  • Merged in [9733], [9735], [9737], [9738], [9766], [9774], [9778], [9781],
    [9783], [9784], [9789] and [9800] from Fixed a bunch of
    HTML validation issues identified by test-crawl --validator-nu.

  • Merged in [9796] from
    Don't allow submission for drafts that have been replaced. Fixed #1619.

  • Merged in [9792] from
    Removed misleading back buttons from document metadata modification pages.
    Fixes #1671.

  • Merged in [9788] from
    Have RFC sync change the IESG state of draft to RFC Ed Queue when draft
    appears in queue. Fixes #1750.

  • Merged in [9782] from
    Made title capitalization consistent with other pages.

  • Merged in [9779] from
    Removed the code that used to calculate table_rows, now that the HTML
    doesn't use it anymore.

  • Merged in [9775] from
    Added proposed groups to Blue Dot Report. Fixes #1747.

  • Merged in [9765] from
    Added option to crawl as a logged-in user (--user).
    Add --pedantic option for vnu crawl, which stops the crawl on (most) errors.
    Randomized the order in which URLs are crawled, so that repeated crawls don't
    hit the same URLs in the same order.

  • Merged in [9736] from
    Updated the README now that the facelift has happened, and removed the
    outdated TODO.

  • Merged in [9726] from
    Added HTML5 validation based on to test-crawl, with the
    --validator-nu option.