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Summary: IANA expert review tracking, new constraints labelling
Release Date: Sun, September 8, 2019 at 3:28 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release adds IANA expert review tracking for drafts, changes the
session request constraints labels, improves the handling of session slide
proposal uploads, and adds a number of smaller enhancements and issue
fixes. From the commit log:

  • Merged in [16656] from
    Added IANA expert review tracking.

  • Merged in [16650], [16655] from
    Removed the bootstrap project todo page. #2778 points to the old content
    so we can make new tickets for anything that is still relevant.

  • Merged in [16649] from
    Guard against attempts to use the review request view with a
    ReviewRequest id that does not match the document for the ReviewRequest.
    This would have exposed #2776 much earlier.

  • Merged in [16647] from
    Corrected a view that was looking at review assignment ids when it
    should have been looking at request review ids. Fixes #2776.

  • Added a domain variable to context supplied to the agenda_package.txt
    template. Fixes issue #2793.

  • Merged in [16646] from
    Don't manually linewrap when looking at feedback - let the pasted styling
    do that. Fixes #2761.

  • Merged in [16630] from
    Rework how we are labeling constraints to provide a quick-fix for
    session requests at IETF106. Turned off several javascript functions that
    added/enforced old (possibly no longer correct) semantics for the session
    request forms. Fixes #2754.

  • Merged in [16629] from
    Removing unused template. I think it was an artifact of the Django 1.2
    to 1.6 conversion from 6 years ago.

  • Merged in [16615] from
    Spelling correction in a comment. No open issue.

  • Merged in [16614] from
    Improved so that new draft diffs (from the working group drafts page)
    work correctly for both -00 drafts and later revisions. Fixes issue #2697.

  • Merged in [16604] from
    Look at all scheduled sessions for a group when deciding to display a
    cancelled banner. Fixes #2764.

  • The logic for displaying 'Email requested to be sent for earlier
    discuss' on IESG positions was wrong; it would count later discusses and
    discusses from other ADs as an earlier discuss. Moved any_email_sent()
    from ballot to position, and refined the criteria.

  • Made sure Person.active_drafts() and .expired_drafts() don't return
    duplicate entries. Fixes issue #2784.

  • Changed requirements to permit pyang 2.0 and greater.

  • Added a migration to fix some m2m table columns incorrectly left as
    varchar(8) when we changed the size of name slugs to varchar(32).

  • Merged in [16601] from
    A management command to correct the state of several slide
    presentations uploaded during IETF105, and perform some missed powerpoint
    to pdf conversions.

  • Merged in [16600] from
    Fixed a subtle bug in the code that converts slides to PDF that was
    writing back into settings.

  • Merged in [16599] from
    Correct the uploaded_filename for slides that go through the
    approve-proposed-slides workflow.

  • Merged in [16598] from
    Add the ppt* to pdf conversion to the approve-suggested-slides
    workflow. Fixes #2762.

  • Added textual information about patent application formats according to
    WIPO's Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation, as
    input to future extension of the regex set.

  • Added some new formats to the regex validator for patent numbers and
    patent application numbers. This is still not comprehensive.

  • Adjusted migrations for Python2/3 compatibility.

  • Updated database options settings to match our production database and
    dump files.

  • Fixed an issue where the text file charset information for an upload would
    be overwritten on upload of multiple files for a draft.
    Fixes issue #2768.

  • Added 30 minutes caching to agenda.ics