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· 1427 commits to main since this release
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Summary: Bugfixes and minor features
Release Date: Mon, October 12, 2020 at 12:57 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Merged in [18533] from
    Replaced review name collision resolution code with a decision to not
    save when it occurs. Fixes #3092.

  • Merged in [18550] from
    Use the id-archive wherever we had been using the id-repository.
    Fixes #3080.

  • Fixed some grammar errors.

  • Changed the cache-filling code for doc.get_state() to avoid a period
    where the cache is seen as valid but empty. Addresses an issue where
    documents occasionally appear to be in an unexpected state.

  • Made the important-dates page honour the Meeting.show_important_dates

  • Changed the length of the schedule name field from 16 to 64, to avoid
    running into lenght issues for schedule names auto-generated from person
    name or email.

  • Changed the autogeneration of schedule names to use a slugified user
    (person) name, rather than the user login. Logins are mostly email
    addresses, may contain characters not permitted in the URL pattern for
    schedule names, and are less readable in the contexts where schedule names
    are used.

  • Tweaked the verbose name of the Nomcom Topic Questionnaire's audience
    field, on request from the NomCom chair.

  • Tweaked the generation of .ics vtimezone entries to have a stable ordering
    in /meeting/upcoming.ics. Fixes issue #3097.

  • Added a UTF-8 language locale to, in order to be able
    some python packages that would fail to install under the default locale.

  • Tweaked the docker/copydb script to handle symlinked data directories.

  • Changed a draft submission revision consistency check to look at
    Submission objects rather than SubmissionDocEvent objects in order to not
    fail incorrectly when there are prior cancelled uploads.
    Related to issue #2909.

  • Merged in [18587] from
    Fixed section 5 of secretariat progress report. Fixes #3063.

  • Changed the template for the person_link templatetag to use the user's
    primary email address instead of the name, in order to work correctly
    for different persons having the same name.

  • Fixed a bug in the name_parts() function when dealing with names
    listing uppercased surname first (followed by given name).

  • Added a person name validation step to prevent names like anonymous.

  • Tweaked the Person.plain_ascii() name method to not return leading or
    trailing spaces.

  • Added a management command, check_person_names_and_aliases:

    When we started explicitly listing draft and RFC author names on the
    documemnt pages in commit [18549], it uncovered a number of links that
    would return 404 because name alias entries were missing for some person
    entries, in particular for authors of early RFCs and drafts. Adding such
    alias entries can be done automatically in most cases. This new management
    command will do so, and also report (and in some cases fix) additional
    issues, such as names incorrectly incorporating <>, name aliases that
    are email addresses, and more.

    Run this with -v2 (verbosity 2) to have it report all found names and
    aliases for each issue type, and run it with -f to fix those that can be
    automatically fixed.

  • Fixed another py2/py3 issue with the nomcom mail processing script.