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Welcome to the Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) Tech Docs Wiki!

The best place to start is IIAB Installation which has detailed information on installing the server, in several ways.

You can also read about IIAB Architecture.

See IIAB Platforms for platform-specific information on OS choices and the partitioning scheme.

After installation, the Admin Console provides tools for selecting server apps and downloading content. After that is done, you will probably want to provide a friendly home page for your community.

IIAB Networking summarizes common network setups/topologies and TCP/UDP ports.

See our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ.IIAB.IO for more answers, towards building your very own powerful digital library!

N.B.: Internet-in-a-Box is a global community project formerly known as the One Laptop Per Child School Server (or XSCE) that greatly welcomes contributors from all continents, all countries, and all corners.

Our Evolution

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