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Keyboard and Mouse Controls

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Available Keyboard and Mouse Controls

    Mule Controls
  1. Shift+Click a mule to add or remove it from the Account Filter
  2. Ctrl+Click a mule to disable it from Totals
  3. Right Click a mule to access its Mule Menu
  4. Click a mule header to access its account display options
  5. Ctrl+Shift+Click one of the following to create an image:
    Any mule, character, character table, vault, vault table, gift table, or background
    Totals Controls
  1. Click an item to select only accounts containing the item
  2. Shift+Click an item to add it to the Hidden Items Filter
  3. Ctrl+Shift+Click the totals panel to generate an image
    Totals Settings Manager Controls
  1. Shift+Click items to enable or disable them in all sections
  2. Click and Drag items to sort them in Item Group Sorting section
  3. Double Click items to access the subsorting menu in Item Group Sorting section
  4. Click the ⚪⚪⚪ to expand or collapse sections
    Groups Manager Controls
  1. Click a group to select it
  2. Ctrl+Click a group to select multiple groups
  3. Right Click a group to open the Group Menu with it selected
  4. Long Click (>1 second) a group to open it in the editor
  5. Click and Drag to select multiple groups
  6. Clicking an account in the Group Editor will add or remove it from the group
  7. Right Click an account in the Group Editor will open the editor menu for it
    Realmeye Controls
  1. Ctrl+Click a single item to access its Realmeye Menu
  2. Ctrl+Click two items to access the Realmeye Trading Menu

Notice for Mac Users

If you're using a Mac then you should go to Setup > Advanced and change Key Bindings to Mac OS. This will replace the Ctrl key with the Command key in all above hotkeys.

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