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Kongregate Users Setup Guide

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Step 1 - Open Browser Console

Open your browser console while on the game's page on Kongregate

Chrome: F12

Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+K

Step 2 - Run a command

Paste this code in the command line and hit Enter:

document.location.href = 'http://' + '' +
jQuery.param({ userId:, gameAuthToken: active_user.gameAuthToken()})

Step 3 - Obtain your account credentials

A page will open with the credentials.

Use the GUID as your email and Secret as your password when adding an account in the Accounts Manager.

Step 4 - Proceed to Muledump Setup

If you haven't yet started Muledump setup, then start at the top of Installation and Setup to get going.

If you are ready to input account data, jump to Muledump Account Setup.

Credit to Atomizer/Muledump

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