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Muledump Totals

Muledump's primary purpose is inventory management. Totals provides you an inventory of account items that you can filter and organize to your liking.


If you use an accounts.js file you will be limited in some of the available features. In order to use all the features in Muledump Totals you must be using Muledump without an accounts.js file.

If you want to convert to this format you can accomplish this by clicking the Setup button at the top of Muledump.

Default Mode

Traditionally, Muledump Totals only displays items that are displayed on-screen for your mules.

You can display equipment, character inventory, backpacks, vaults, gift chests, or any combination. You can change this through the Options menu.

Global Mode

All items on mules enabled in the display filter will be counted and displayed. This allows you to disable showing items on your mules which can provide a significant reduction in CPU usage.

Shared Features Between Modes

Both modes support numerous features.

  1. Filter display of items based on feed power, fame bonus, or ut/st/soulbound/tradeable status.
  2. Sort items with standard, alphabetical, fame bonus (high to low), feed power (high to low), or custom modes.
  3. Item groups and items within a group can be sorted into a custom order.
  4. A wide range of filters for each item group in the game (weapons, abilities, rings, keys, skins, pet food, etc) are available.
  5. Account Filter when active displays items in Totals only from selected mules.
  6. Disabled Account Filter when active hides items in Totals from selected mules.
  7. Individual items can be permanently hidden from display if you wish to disable them in Totals.

See Totals Management for a full feature reference for information on usage and custom configurations.

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