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Jenkins Gradle Plugin

Build Status

This plugin allows Jenkins to invoke Gradle build scripts directly. For more information see the Jenkins wiki page.

In order to release this plugin have a look at here.

Release Notes

  • 1.27 (unreleased)
    • Increase required core version to 1.642.1
    • Make finding wrapper location more robust on Windows
    • Job parameters are now correctly quoted when passed as system properties (JENKINS-42573 and JENKINS-20505)
    • Do not pass all job parameters as (system) properties to Gradle by default
    • Include automated test for CLI command JENKINS-42847
    • Ensure that Gradle's bin directory is on the path for Pipeline tool steps JENKINS-42381
    • Add option to pass only selected system properties to Gradle
    • Add option to pass only selected project properties to Gradle
  • 1.26 (Feb 13 2016)
    • Use @DataBoundSetter instead of a (too) large @DataBoundConstructor
    • Add @Symbol annotations for step and tool JENKINS-37394
    • Make it possible to configure the wrapper location JENKINS-35029
    • Update icon for build scan integration
    • Remove description from build step