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This log summarizes the changes in each released version of rouge. The versioning scheme we use is semver, although we will often release new lexers in minor versions, as a practical matter.

version 3.3.0: (2018/10/01)

Release Highlight: Due to #883 with the introduction of frozen string literals, Rouge memory usage and total objects dropped quite dramatically. See #883 for more details. Thanks @ashmaroli for this PR.

  • General
    • Add frozen_string_literal (#883 ashmaroli)
  • Mathematica Lexer (NEW)
    • Support for Mathematic/Wolfram (#854 by halirutan)
  • Motorola 68k Lexer (NEW)
    • Add m68k assembly lexer (#909 by nguillaumin)
  • SQF Lexer (NEW)
    • Add SQF Lexer (#761 by BaerMitUmlaut)
    • Minor changes to SQF (#970 by dblessing)
  • JSP Lexer (NEW)
    • Add Java Server Pages lexer (#915 by miparnisari)
  • Elixir Lexer
    • Add defstruct and defguardp (#960 by bjfish)
  • F# / FSharp Lexer
    • Add .fsi extension (#1002 by adam-becker)
  • Kotlin Lexer
    • Recognise annotations and map to decorator (#995 by lordcodes)
    • Function names (#996 by lordcodes)
    • Recognizing function parameters and return type (#999 by lordcodes)
    • Recognize destructuring assignment (#1001 by lordcodes)
  • Objective-C Lexer
    • Add objectivec as tag/alias (#951 by revolter)
  • Prolog Lexer
    • Add % as single-line comment (#898 by jamesnvc)
  • Puppet Lexer
    • Add = as Operator in Puppet lexer (#980 by alexharv074)
  • Python Lexer
    • Improve #-style comments (#959 by 1orenz0)
    • Improvements for builtins, literals and operators (#940 by aldanor)
  • Ruby Lexer
    • Add Dangerfile as Ruby filename (#1004 by leipert)
  • Rust Lexer
    • Add additional aliases for Rust (#988 by LegNeato)
  • Swift Lexer
    • Add convenience method (#950 by damian-rzeszot)

version 3.2.1: (2018/08/16)

  • Perl Lexer
    • Allow any non-whitespace character to delimit regexes (#974 by dblessing)
      • Details: In specific cases where a previously unsupported regex delimiter was used, a later rule could cause a backtrack in the regex system. This resulted in Rouge hanging for an unspecified amount of time.

version 3.2.0: (2018/08/02)

  • General
    • Load pastie theme (#809 by rramsden)
    • Fix build failures (#892 by olleolleolle)
    • Update CLI style help text (#923 by nixpulvis)
    • Fix HTMLLinewise formatter documentation in (#910 by rohitpaulk)
  • Terraform Lexer (NEW - #917 by lowjoel)
  • Crystal Lexer (NEW - #441 by splattael)
  • Scheme Lexer
    • Allow square brackets (#849 by EFanZh)
  • Haskell Lexer
    • Support for Quasiquotations (#868 by enolan)
  • Java Lexer
    • Support for Java 10 var keyword (#888 by lc-soft)
  • VHDL Lexer
    • Fix time_vector keyword typo (#911 by ttobsen)
  • Perl Lexer
    • Recognize .t as valid file extension (#918 by miparnisari)
  • Nix Lexer
    • Improved escaping sequences for indented strings (#926 by veprbl)
  • Fortran Lexer
    • Recognize .f as valid file extension (#931 by veprbl)
  • Igor Pro Lexer
    • Update functions and operations for Igor Pro 8 (#921 by t-b)
  • Julia Lexer
    • Various improvements and fixes (#912 by ararslan)
  • Kotlin Lexer
    • Recognize .kts as valid file extension (#908 by mkobit)
  • CSS Lexer
    • Minor fixes (#916 by miparnisari)
  • HTML Lexer
    • Minor fixes (#916 by miparnisari)
  • Javascript Lexer
    • Minor fixes (#916 by miparnisari)
  • Markdown Lexer
    • Images may not have alt text (#904 by Himura2la)
  • ERB Lexer
    • Fix greedy comment matching (#902 by ananace)

version 3.1.1: 2018/01/31

version 3.1.0: 2017/12/21

Thanks a lot for contributions; not only for the code, but also for the issues and review comments, which are vitally helpful.

  • gemspec
    • Add source code and changelog links to gemspec #785 by @timrogers
  • General
    • Fix #796: comments not followed by a newline are not highlighted #797 by @tyxchen
  • Elem
    • Add Elm language support #744 by @dmitryrogozhny
  • Ruby
    • Add the .erb file extension to ruby highlighting #713 by @jstumbaugh
  • Hack
    • Add basic Hack support #712 by @fredemmott
  • F#
    • Allow double backtick F# identifiers #793 by @nickbabcock
  • Swift
    • Swift support for backticks and keypath syntax #794 by @johnfairh
    • [Swift] Tuple destructuring, function call with lambda argument #837 by @dan-zheng
  • Python
    • Add async and await keywords to Python lexer #799 by @BigChief45
  • Shell
    • Add missing shell commands and missing GNU coreutils executables #798 by @kernhanda
  • PowerShell
    • Add JEA file extensions to powershell #807 by @michaeltlombardi
    • Don't treat [ as a part of an attribute name in SCSS #839 by @hibariya
  • Haskell
    • Don't treat error specially in Haskell #834 by @enolan
  • Rust
    • Rust: highlight the "where" keyword #823 by @lvillani

version 3.0.0: 2017/09/21

There is no breaking change in the public API, but internals' is changed.

  • general:
    • dropped support for Ruby 1.9, requireing Ruby v2.0.0 (#775 by gfx)
    • [Internal API changes] refactored disaambiguators to removes the use of analyze_text's numeric score interface (#763 by jneen)
    • added rouge guess $file sub-command to test guessers (#773 by gfx)
    • added Rouge::Lexe.guess { fallback } interface (#777 by gfx)
    • removes BOM and normalizes newlines in input sources before lexing (#776 by gfx)
  • kotlin:
    • fix errors in generic functions (#782 by gfx; thanks to @rongi for reporting it)
  • haskell:
    • fix escapes in char literals (#780 by gfx; thanks to @Tosainu for reporting it)

version 2.2.1: 2017/08/22

  • powershell:
    • Adding PowerShell builtin commands for version 5 (#757 thanks JacodeWeerd)
  • general:
    • Rouge::Guessers::Modeline#filter: reduce object allocations (#756 thanks @parkr)

version 2.2.0: 2017-08-09

  • rougify:
    • trap PIPE only when platform supports it (#700 thanks @maverickwoo)
    • support null formatter (-f tokens) (#719 thanks @abalkin)
  • kotlin:
    • update for companion object rename (#702 thanks @stkent)
  • igorpro:
    • fix igorpro lexer errrors (#706 thanks @ukos-git)
  • nix:
    • support nix expression language (#732 thanks @vidbina)
  • q:
    • fix rules for numeric literals (#717 thanks @abalkin)
  • fortran:
    • add missing Fortran keywords and intrinsics (#739 thanks @pbregener)
  • javascript:
    • Fix lexer on < in <script>...</script> (#727 thanks @cpallares)
  • general:
    • speed up shebang? check (#738 thanks @schneems)
    • don't default to a hash in Lexer.format (#729)
    • use the token's qualname in null formatter (#730)
  • formatter:
    • fix "unknown formatter: terminal256" (#735 thanks @cuihq)
  • gemspec:
    • fix licenses to rubygems standard (#714 thanks @nomoon)

version 2.1.1: 2017-06-21

  • rougify: display help when called with no arguments
  • console: bugfix for line continuations dropping characters
  • make: properly handle code that doesn't end in a newline
  • fix some warnings with -w, add a rubocop configuration

version 2.1.0: 2017-06-06

  • javascript:

    • fix for newlines in template expressions (#570 thanks @Kovensky!)
    • update keywords to ES2017 (#594 thanks @Kovensky!)
    • add ES6 binary and octal literals (#619 thanks @beaufortfrancois!)
  • ruby:

    • require an = on the =end block comment terminator
    • bugfix for numeric ranges (#579 thanks @kjcpaas!)
    • bugfix for constants following class/module declarations
  • shell: support based numbers in math mode

  • html-inline formatter:

    • now accepts a search string, an instance, or aliases for the theme argument
  • ocaml:

    • highlight variant tags
    • fixes for operators vs punctuation
    • fix polymorphic variants, support local open expressions, fix keywords (#643 thanks @emillon!)
  • thankful-eyes theme:

    • bold operators, to distinguish between punctuation
  • rust:

    • add support for range operators and type variables (#591 thanks @whitequark!)
    • support rustdoc hidden lines that start with # (#652 thanks @seanmonstar!)
  • html: allow template languages to interpolate within script or style tags

  • clojure:

    • finally add support for @
    • associate *.edn
  • new lexer: lasso (#584 thanks @EricFromCanada!)

  • ruby 1.9 support: Fix unescaped @ in regex (#588 thanks @jiphex!)

  • fix comments at end of files in F# and R (#590 thanks @nickbabcock!)

  • elixir: implement ruby-style sigil strings and regexes (#530 thanks @k3rni!)

  • docker: add missing keywords

  • add ruby 2.4 support

  • coffeescript: bugfix for improper multiline comments (#604 thanks @dblessing!)

  • json: make exponent signs optional (#597 thanks @HerrFolgreich!)

  • terminal256 formatter: put reset characters at the end of each line (#603 thanks @deivid-rodriguez!)

  • csharp:

    • actually highlight interface names
    • highlight splice literals $"" and @$"" (#600 thanks @jmarianer!)
    • recognize nameof as a keyword (#626 thanks @drovani!)
  • new lexer: mosel (#606 thanks @germanriano!)

  • php:

    • more robust ident regex that supports unicode idents
    • add heuristics to determine whether to start inline
  • new lexer: q (kdb+) (#655 thanks @abalkin!)

  • new lexer: pony (#651 thanks @katafrakt!)

  • new lexer: igor-pro (#648 thanks @ukos-git!)

  • new lexer: wollok (#647 thanks @mumuki!)

  • new lexer: graphql (#634 thanks @hibariya!)

  • properties: allow hyphens in key names (#629 thanks @cezariuszmarek!)

  • HTMLPygments formatter: (breaking) wrap tokens with div.highlight

  • new lexer: console (replaces old shell_session lexer)

    • properly detects prompts and continuations
    • fully configurable prompt string with ?prompt=...
    • optional root-level comments with ?comments
  • new lexer: irb

  • xml: allow newlines in attribute values (#663 thanks @mojavelinux!)

  • windows fix: use YAML.load_file to load apache keywords

  • new lexer: dot (graphviz) (#627 thanks @kAworu)

  • overhaul options handling, and treat options as untrusted user content

  • add global opt-in to debug mode (Rouge::Lexer.enable_debug!) to prevent debug mode from being activated by users

  • shell: more strict builtins (don't highlight cd-hello) (#684 thanks @alex-felix!)

  • new lexer: sieve (#682 thanks @kAworu!)

  • new lexer: TSX (#669 thanks @timothykang!)

  • fortran: update to 2008 (#667 thanks @pbregener!)

  • powershell: use backtick as escape instead of backslash (#660 thanks @gmckeown!)

  • new lexer: awk (#607 thanks @kAworu)

  • new lexer: hylang (#623 thanks @profitware!)

  • new lexer: plist (#622 thanks @segiddins!)

  • groovy: support shebangs (#608 thanks @hwdegroot!)

  • new lexer: pastie (#576 thanks @mojavelinux)

  • sed: bugfix for dropped characters from regexes

  • sml:

    • bugfix for dropped keywords
    • bugfix for mishighlighted keywords
  • gherkin, php, lua, vim, matlab: update keyword files

  • new lexer: digdag (#674 thanks @gfx!)

  • json-doc: highlight bare keys

  • HTMLTable: don't output a newline after the closing tag (#659 thanks @gpakosz!)

version 2.0.7: 2016-11-18

  • haml: fix balanced braces in attribute curlies
  • clojure:
    • allow comments at EOF
    • detect for build.boot (thanks @pandeiro)
  • ruby 1.9.1 compat: escape @ signs (thanks @pille1842)
  • c++
    • add *.tpp as an extension (thanks @vser1)
    • add more C++11 keywords
  • new lexer: ABAP (thanks @mlaggner)
  • rougify: properly handle SIGPIPE for downstream pipe closing (thanks @maverickwoo)
  • tex: add *.sty and *.cls extensions
  • html: bugfix for multiple style tags - was too greedy
  • new lexer: vue
  • perl: fix lexing of POD comments (thanks @kgoess)
  • coq: better string escape handling
  • javascript:
    • add support for ES decorators
    • fix multiline template strings with curlies (thanks @Kovensky)
  • json: stop guessing based on curlies
  • rust: support the ? operator

version 2.0.6: 2016-09-07

  • actionscript: emit correct tokens for positive numbers (thanks @JoeRobich!)
  • json: bottom-up rewrite, massively improve string performance
  • markdown: don't terminate code blocks unless there's a newline before the terminator
  • tulip: rewrite lexer with updated features
  • swift: update for swift 3 (thanks @radex!)
  • fortran: correctly lex exponent floats (thanks @jschwab!)
  • bugfix: escape \@ for ruby 1.9.x
  • verilog: recognize underscores and question marks (thanks @whitequark!)
  • common lisp: recognize .asd files for ASDF
  • new lexer: mxml (thanks @JoeRobich!)
  • new lexer: 1c (thanks @karnilaev!)
  • new lexer: turtle/trig (thanks @jakubklimek!)
  • new lexer: vhdl (thanks @ttobsen!)
  • new lexer: jsx
  • new lexer: prometheus (thanks @dblessing!)

version 2.0.5: 2016-07-19

  • bugfix: don't spam stdout from the yaml lexer

version 2.0.4: 2016-07-19 (yanked)

  • new lexer: docker (thanks @KitaitiMakoto!)
  • new lexer: fsharp (thanks @raymens!)
  • python: improve string escapes (thanks @di!)
  • yaml: highlight keys differently than values

version 2.0.3: 2016-07-14

  • guessing: ambiguous guesses now raise Rouge::Guesser::Ambiguous instead of a mysterious class inside a metaclass.
  • praat: various fixes for unconventional names (thanks @jjatria!)
  • workaround for rdoc parsing bug that should fix gem install with rdoc parsing on.
  • ruby:
    • best effort colon handling
    • fix for heredocs with method calls at the end
  • tulip: rewrite from the ground up
  • markdown: fix improper greediness of backticks
  • tooling: improve the debug output, and properly highlight the legend

version 2.0.2: 2016-06-27

  • liquid: support variables ending in question marks (thanks @brettg!)
  • new lexer: IDL (thanks @sappjw!)
  • javascript:
    • fix bug causing : error tokens (#497)
    • support for ES6 string interpolation with backticks (thanks @iRath96!)
  • csharp: allow comments at EOF
  • java: allow underscored numeric literals (thanks @vandiedakaf!)
  • terminal formatter: theme changes had broken this formatter, this is fixed.
  • shell: support "ansi strings" - $'some-string\n'

version 2.0.1: 2016-06-15

  • Bugfix for Formatter#token_lines without a block

version 2.0.0: 2016-06-14

  • new formatters! see for documentation, use Rouge::Formatters::HTMLLegacy for the old behavior.

version 1.11.1: 2016-06-14

  • new guesser infrastructure, support for emacs and vim modelines (#489)
  • javascript bugfix for nested objects with quoted keys (#496)
  • new theme: Gruvbox (thanks @jamietanna!)
  • praat: lots of improvements (thanks @jjatria)
  • fix for rougify error when highlighting from stdin (#493)
  • new lexer: kotlin (thanks @meleyal!)
  • new lexer: cfscript (thanks @mjclemente!)

version 1.11.0: 2016-06-06

  • groovy:
    • remove pathological regexes and add basic support for triple-quoted strings (#485)
    • add the "trait" keyword and fix project url (thanks @glaforge! #378)
  • new lexer: coq (thanks @gmalecha! #389)
  • gemspec license now more accurate (thanks @connorshea! #484)
  • swift:
    • properly support nested comments (thanks @dblessing! #479)
    • support swift 2.2 features (thanks @radex #376 and @wokalski #442)
    • add indirect declaration (thanks @nRewik! #326)
  • new lexer: verilog (thanks @Razer6! #317)
  • new lexer: typescript (thanks @Seikho! #400)
  • new lexers: jinja and twig (thanks @robin850! #402)
  • new lexer: pascal (thanks @alexcu!)
  • css: support attribute selectors (thanks @skoji! #426)
  • new lexer: shell session (thanks @sio4! #481)
  • ruby: add support for <<~ heredocs (thanks @tinci! #362)
  • recognize comments at EOF in SQL, Apache, and CMake (thanks @julp! #360)
  • new lexer: phtml (thanks @Igloczek #366)
  • recognize comments at EOF in CoffeeScript (thanks @rdavila! #370)
  • c/c++:
    • support c11/c++11 features (thanks @Tosainu! #371)
    • Allow underscores in identifiers (thanks @coverify! #333)
  • rust: add more builtin types (thanks @RalfJung! #372)
  • ini: allow hyphen keys (thanks @KrzysiekJ! #380)
  • r: massively improve lexing quality (thanks @klmr! #383)
  • c#:
    • add missing keywords (thanks @BenVlodgi #384 and @SLaks #447)
  • diff: do not require newlines at the ends (thanks @AaronLasseigne! #387)
  • new lexer: ceylon (thanks @bjansen! #414)
  • new lexer: biml (thanks @japj! #415)
  • new lexer: TAP - the test anything protocol (thanks @mblayman! #409)
  • rougify bugfix: treat input as utf8 (thanks @japj! #417)
  • new lexer: jsonnet (thanks @davidzchen! #420)
  • clojure: associate *.cljc for cross-platform clojure (thanks @alesguzik! #423)
  • new lexer: D (thanks @nikibobi! #435)
  • new lexer: smarty (thanks @tringenbach! #427)
  • apache:
    • add directives for v2.4 (thanks @stanhu!)
    • various improvements (thanks @julp! #301)
      • faster keyword lookups
      • fix nil error on unknown directive (cf #246, #300)
      • properly manage case-insensitive names (cf #246)
      • properly handle windows CRLF
  • objective-c:
    • support literal dictionaries and block arguments (thanks @BenV! #443 and #444)
    • Fix error tokens when defining interfaces (thanks @meleyal! #477)
  • new lexer: NASM (thanks @sraboy! #457)
  • new lexer: gradle (thanks @nerro! #468)
  • new lexer: API Blueprint (thanks @kylef! #261)
  • new lexer: ActionScript (thanks @honzabrecka! #241)
  • terminal256 formatter: stop confusing token names (thanks @julp! #367)
  • new lexer: julia (thanks @mpeteuil! #331)
  • new lexer: cmake (thanks @julp! #302)
  • new lexer: eiffel (thanks @Conaclos! #323)
  • new lexer: protobuf (thanks @fqqb! #327)
  • new lexer: fortran (thanks @CruzR! #328)
  • php: associate *.phpt files (thanks @Razer6!)
  • python: support raise from and yield from (thanks @mordervomubel! #324)
  • new VimL example (thanks @tpope! #315)

version 1.10.1: 2015-09-10

  • diff: fix deleted lines which were not being highlighted (thanks @DouweM)

version 1.10.0: 2015-09-10

  • fix warnings on files being loaded multiple times
  • swift: (thanks @radex)
    • new keywords
    • support all @-prefixed attributes
    • add support for try! and #available(...)
  • bugfix: Properly manage #style_for precedence for terminal and inline formatters (thanks @mojavelinux)
  • visual basic: recognize *.vb files (thanks @naotaco)
  • common-lisp:
    • add elisp as an alias (todo: make a real elisp lexer) (thanks @tejasbubane)
    • bugfix: fix crash on array and structure literals
  • new lexer: praat (thanks @jjatria)
  • rust: stop recognizing *.rc (thanks @maximd)
  • matlab: correctly highlight ' (thanks @miicha)

version 1.9.1: 2015-07-13

  • new lexer: powershell (thanks @aaroneg!)
  • new lexer: tulip
  • bugfix: pass opts through so lex(continue: true) retains them (thanks @stanhu!)
  • c#: bugfix: don't error on unknown states in the C# lexer
  • php: match drupal file extensions (thanks @rumpelsepp!)
  • prolog: allow camelCase atoms (thanks @mumuki!)
  • c: bugfix: was dropping text in function declarations (thanks @JonathonReinhart!)
  • groovy: bugfix: allow comments at eof without newline

version 1.9.0: 2015-05-19

  • objc: add array literals (thanks @mehowte)

  • slim: reset ruby and html lexers, be less eager with guessing, detect html entities (thanks @elstgav)

  • js: add yield as a keyword (thanks @honzabrecka)

  • elixir: add alias exs (thanks @ismaelga)

  • json: lex object keys as Name::Tag (thanks @morganjbruce)

  • swift: add support for @noescape and @autoclosure(escaping) (thanks @radex) and make as? and as! look better

  • sass/scss: add support for @each, @return, @media, and @function (thanks @i-like-robots)

  • diff: make the whole thing more forgiving and less buggy (thanks @rumpelsepp)

  • c++: add arduino file mappings and also Berksfile (thanks @Razer6)

  • liquid: fix #237 which was dropping content (thanks @RadLikeWhoa)

  • json: add json-api mime type (thanks @brettchalupa)

  • new lexer: glsl (thanks @sriharshachilakapati)

  • new lexer: json-doc, which is like JSON but supports comments and ellipsis (thanks @textshell)

  • add documentation to the --formatter option in rougify help (thanks @mjbshaw)

  • new website! (thanks @edwardloveall!)

version 1.8.0: 2015-02-01

  • css: fix "empty range in char class" bug and improve id/class name matches (#227/#228). Thanks @elstgav!
  • swift: add @objc_block and fix eof comments (#226). Thanks @radex!
  • new lexer: liquid (#224). Thanks @RadLikeWhoa!
  • cli: add -v flag to print version (#225). Thanks @RadLikeWhoa!
  • ruby: add alias_method as a builtin (#223). Thanks @kochd!
  • more conservative guessing for R, eliminate the .S extension
  • new theme: molokai (#220). Thanks @kochd!
  • allow literate haskell that doesn't end in eof
  • add human-readable "title" attribute to lexers (#215). Thanks @edwardloveall!
  • swift: add support for preprocessor macros (#201). Thanks @mipsitan!

version 1.7.7: 2014-12-24

  • fix previous bad release: actually add yaml files to the gem

version 1.7.5: 2014-12-24

lexer fixes and tweaks:

  • javascript: fix function literals in object literals (reported by @taye)
  • css: fix for percentage values and add more units (thanks @taye)
  • ruby: highlight require_relative as a builtin (thanks @NARKOZ)

new lexers:

  • nim (thanks @singularperturbation)
  • apache (thanks @iiska)

new filetype associations:

  • highlight PKGBUILD as shell (thanks @rumpelsepp)
  • highlight Podspec files as ruby (thanks @NARKOZ)


  • lots of doc work in the README (thanks @rumpelsepp)

version 1.7.4: 2014-11-23

  • clojure: hotfix for namespaced keywords with ::
  • background fix: add css class to pre tag instead of code tag (#191)
  • new name in readme and license
  • new contributor code of conduct

version 1.7.3: 2014-11-15

  • ruby: hotfix for symbols in method calling position (rubyyyyy.......)
  • http: add PATCH as a verb
  • new lexer: Dart (thanks @R1der!)
  • null formatter now prints token names and values

version 1.7.2: 2014-10-04

  • ruby: hotfix for division with no space

version 1.7.1: 2014-09-18

  • ruby: hotfix for the /= operator

version 1.7.0: 2014-09-18

  • ruby: give up on trying to highlight capitalized builtin methods
  • swift: updates for beta 6 (thanks @radex!) (#174, #172)
  • support ASCII-8BIT encoding found on macs, as it's a subset of UTF-8 (#178)
  • redcarpet plugin [BREAKING]: change #rouge_formatter's override pattern
    • it is now a method that takes a lexer and returns a formatter, instead of a hash of generated options. (thanks @vince-styling!)
  • java: stop erroneously highlighting keywords within words (thanks @koron!) (#177)
  • html: dash is allowed in tag names (thanks @tjgrathwell!) (#173)

version 1.6.2: 2014-08-16

  • swift: updates for beta 5 (thanks @radex!)

version 1.6.1: 2014-07-26

  • hotfix release for common lisp, php, objective c, and qml lexers

version 1.6.0: 2014-07-26

  • haml: balance braces in interpolation
  • new lexer: slim (thanks @knutaldrin and @greggroth!)
  • javascript: inner tokens in regexes are now lexed, as well as improvments to the block / object distinction.

version 1.5.1: 2014-07-13

  • ruby bugfixes for symbol edgecases and one-letter constants
  • utf-8 all of the things
  • update all builtins
  • rust: add box keyword and associated builtins

version 1.5.0: 2014-07-11

  • new lexer: swift (thanks @totocaster!)
  • update elixir for new upstream features (thanks @splattael!)
  • ruby bugfixes:
    • add support for method calls with trailing dots
    • fix for foo[bar] / baz being highlighted as a regex
  • terminal256 formatter: re-style each line - some platforms reset on each line

version 1.4.0: 2014-05-28

  • breaking: wrap code in <pre ...><code>...</code></pre> if :wrap is not overridden (thanks @Arcovion)
  • Allow passing a theme name as a string to :inline_theme (thanks @Arcovion)
  • Add :start_line option for html line numbers (thanks @sencer)
  • List available themes in rougify help style

version 1.3.4: 2014-05-03

  • New lexers:
    • QML (thanks @seanchas116)
    • Applescript (thanks @joshhepworth)
    • Properties (thanks @pkuczynski)
  • Ruby bugfix for { key: /regex/ } (#134)
  • JSON bugfix: properly highlight null (thanks @zsalzbank)
  • Implement a noop formatter for perf testing (thanks @splattael)

version 1.3.3: 2014-03-02

  • prolog bugfix: was raising an error on some inputs (#126)
  • python bugfix: was inconsistently highlighting keywords/builtins mid-word (#127)
  • html formatter: always end output with a newline (#125)

version 1.3.2: 2014-01-13

  • Now tested in Ruby 2.1
  • C family bugfix: allow exponential floats without decimals (1e-2)
  • cpp: allow single quotes as digit separators (100'000'000)
  • ruby: highlight %= as an operator in the right context

version 1.3.1: 2013-12-23

  • fill in some lexer descriptions and add the behat alias for gherkin

version 1.3.0: 2013-12-23

  • assorted CLI bugfixes: better error handling, CGI-style options, no loadpath munging
  • html: support multiline doctypes
  • ocaml: bugfix for OO code: allows # as an operator
  • inline some styles in tableized output instead of relying on the theme
  • redcarpet: add overrideable #rouge_formatter for custom formatting options

version 1.2.0: 2013-11-26

  • New lexers:
    • MATLAB (thanks @adambard!)
    • Scala (thanks @sgrif!)
    • Standard ML (sml)
    • OCaml
  • Major performance overhaul, now ~2x faster (see #114) (thanks @korny!)
  • Deprecate RegexLexer#group (internal). Use #groups instead.
  • Updated PHP builtins
  • CLI now responds to rougify --version

version 1.1.0: 2013-11-04

  • For tableized line numbers, the table is no longer surrounded by a <pre> tag, which is invalid HTML. This was previously causing issues with HTML post-processors such as loofah. This may break some stylesheets, as it changes the generated markup, but stylesheets only referring to the scope passed to the formatter should be unaffected.
  • New lexer: moonscript (thanks @nilnor!)
  • New theme: monokai, for real this time! (thanks @3100!)
  • Fix intermittent loading errors for good with Lexer.load_const, which closes the long-standing #66

version 1.0.0: 2013-09-28

  • lua: encoding bugfix, and a performance tweak for string literals
  • The Big 1.0! From now on, strict semver will apply, and new lexers and features will be introduced in minor releases, reserving patch releases for bugfixes.

version 0.5.4: 2013-09-21

  • Cleaned up stray invalid error tokens
  • Fix C++/objc loading bug in rougify
  • Guessing alg tweaks: don't give up if no filename or mimetype matches
  • Rebuilt the CLI without thor (removed the thor dependency)
  • objc: Bugfix for :forward_classname error tokens

version 0.5.3: 2013-09-15

  • Critical bugfixes (#98 and #99) for Ruby and Markdown. Some inputs would throw errors. (thanks @hrysd!)

version 0.5.2: 2013-09-15

  • Bugfixes for C/C++
  • Major bugfix: YAML was in a broken state :\ (thanks @hrysd!)
  • Implement lexer subclassing, with append and prepend
  • new lexer: objective c (!)

version 0.5.1: 2013-09-15

  • Fix non-default themes (thanks @tiroc!)
  • Minor lexing bugfixes in ruby

version 0.5.0: 2013-09-02

  • Various performance optimizations
  • javascript:
    • quoted object keys were not being highlighted correctly
    • multiline comments were not being highlighted
  • common lisp: fix commented forms
  • golang: performance bump
  • ruby: fix edge case for def-@
  • c: fix a pathological performance case
  • fix line number alignment on non-newline-terminated code (#91)

Breaking API Changes in v0.5.0

  • Rouge::Lexers::Text renamed to Rouge::Lexers::PlainText
  • Tokens are now constants, rather than strings. This only affects you if you've written a custom lexer, formatter, or theme.

version 0.4.0: 2013-08-14

  • Add the :inline_theme option to Formatters::HTML for environments that don't support stylesheets (like super-old email clients)
  • Improve documentation of Formatters::HTML options
  • bugfix: don't include subsequent whitespace in an elixir keyword. In certain fonts/themes, this can cause inconsistent indentation if bold spaces are wider than non-bold spaces. (thanks @splattael!)

version 0.3.10: 2013-07-31

  • Add the license key in the gemspec
  • new lexer: R

version 0.3.9: 2013-07-19

  • new lexers:
    • elixir (thanks @splattael!)
    • racket (thanks @greghendershott!)

version 0.3.8: 2013-07-02

  • new lexers:
    • erlang! (thanks @potomak!)
    • http (with content-type based delegation)
  • bugfix: highlight true and false in JSON

version 0.3.7: 2013-06-07

  • bugfix: Add the local lib dir to the path in ./bin/rougify so the internal require works properly.
  • php: Properly lex variables in double-quoted strings and provide the correct token for heredocs (thanks @hrysd!)
  • Add a :wrap option to the html formatter (default true) to provide the <pre> wrapper. This allows skipping the wrapper entirely for postprocessing. (thanks @cjohansen!)

version 0.3.6: 2013-05-27

  • fixed bad release that included unfinished D and wdiff lexers :\

version 0.3.5: 2013-05-24

  • Added a github theme (thanks @simonc!) (#75)
  • Correctly highlight ruby 1.9-style symbols and %i() syntax (thanks @simonc!) (#74)
  • Fixed a performance bug in the C++ lexer (#73) reported by @jeffgran

version 0.3.4: 2013-05-02

  • New lexer: go (thanks @hashmal!)
  • Clojure bugfix: allow # in keywords and symbols

version 0.3.3: 2013-04-09

  • Basic prompt support in the shell lexer
  • Add CSS3 attributes to CSS/Sass/SCSS lexers
  • Bugfix for a crash in the vim lexer

version 0.3.2: 2013-03-11

  • Another hotfix release for the Sass/SCSS lexers, because I am being dumb

version 0.3.1: 2013-03-11

  • Hotfix release: fix errors loading the SCSS lexer on some systems.

version 0.3.0: 2013-03-06

  • Refactor source guessing to return fewer false positives, and to be better at disambiguating between filename matches (such as nginx.conf vs. *.conf, or *.pl for both prolog and perl)
  • Added Lexer.guesses which can return multiple or zero results for a guess.
  • Fix number literals in C#
  • New lexers:
    • Gherkin (cucumber)
    • Prolog (@coffeejunk)
    • LLVM (@coffeejunk)

version 0.2.15: 2013-03-03

  • New lexer: lua (thanks, @nathany!)
  • Add extra filetypes that map to Ruby (Capfile, Vagrantfile, *.ru and *.prawn) (@nathany)
  • Bugfix: add demos for ini and toml
  • The thankful_eyes theme now colors Literal.Date
  • No more gigantic load list in lib/rouge.rb

version 0.2.14: 2013-02-28

  • New lexers:
    • puppet
    • literate coffeescript
    • literate haskell
    • ini
    • toml (@coffeejunk)
  • clojure: cljs alias, and make it more visually balanced by using Name instead of Name.Variable.
  • Stop trying to read /etc/bash.bashrc in the specs (@coffeejunk)

version 0.2.13: 2013-02-12

  • Highlight ClojureScipt files (*.cljs) as Clojure (@blom)
  • README and doc enhancements (plus an actual wiki!) (@robin850)
  • Don't open Regexp, especially if we're not adding anything to it.

version 0.2.12: 2013-02-07

  • Python: bugfix for lone quotes in triple-quoted strings
  • Ruby: bugfix for # in %-delimited strings

version 0.2.11: 2013-02-04

  • New lexer: C# (csharp)
  • rust: better macro handling
  • Python bugfix for "'" and '"' (@garybernhardt)

version 0.2.10: 2013-01-14

  • New lexer: rust (
  • Include rouge.gemspec with the built gem
  • Update the PHP builtins

version 0.2.9: 2012-11-28

  • New lexers: io, sed, conf, and nginx
  • fixed an error on numbers in the shell lexer
  • performance bumps for shell and ruby by prioritizing more common patterns
  • (@korny) Future-proofed the regexes in the Perl lexer
  • rougify now streams the formatted text to stdout as it's available instead of waiting for the lex to be done.

version 0.2.8: 2012-10-30

  • Bugfix for tableized line numbers when the code doesn't end with a newline.

version 0.2.7: 2012-10-22

  • Major performance improvements. 80% running time reduction for some files since v0.2.5 (thanks again @korny!)
  • Deprecated postprocess for performance reasons - it wasn't that useful in the first place.
  • The shell lexer should now recognize .bashrc, .profile and friends

version 0.2.6: 2012-10-21

  • coffeescript: don't yield error tokens for keywords as attributes
  • add the --scope=SELECTOR option to rougify style
  • Add the :line_numbers option to the HTML formatter to get line numbers! The styling for the line numbers is determined by the theme's styling for 'Generic.Lineno'
  • Massive performance improvements by reducing calls to option and to Regexp#source (@korny)

version 0.2.5: 2012-10-20

  • hotfix: ship the demos with the gem.

version 0.2.4: 2012-10-20

  • Several improvements to the javasript and scheme lexers
  • Lexer.demo, with small demos for each lexer
  • Rouge.highlight takes a string for the formatter
  • Formatter.format delegates to the instance
  • sass: Support the @extend syntax, fix new-style attributes, and support 3.2 placeholder syntax

version 0.2.3: 2012-10-16

  • Fixed several postprocessing-related bugs
  • New lexers: coffeescript, sass, smalltalk, handlebars/mustache

version 0.2.2: 2012-10-13

  • In terminal256, stop highlighting backgrounds of text-like tokens
  • Fix a bug which was breaking guessing with filenames beginning with .
  • Fix the require path for redcarpet in the README (@JustinCampbell)
  • New lexers: clojure, groovy, sass, scss
  • YAML: detect files with the %YAML directive
  • Fail fast for non-UTF-8 strings
  • Formatter#render deprecated, renamed to Formatter#format. To be removed in v0.3.
  • Lexer#tag delegates to the class
  • Better keyword/builtin highlighting for CSS
  • Add the :token option to the text lexer

version 0.2.1: 2012-10-11

  • Began the changelog
  • Removed several unused methods and features from Lexer and RegexLexer
  • Added a lexer for SQL
  • Added a lexer for VimL, along with rake builtins:vim
  • Added documentation for RegexLexer, TextAnalyzer, and the formatters
  • Refactored rake phpbuiltins - renamed to rake builtins:php
  • Fixed a major bug in the Ruby lexer that prevented highlighting the module keyword.
  • Changed the default formatter for the rougify executable to terminal256.
  • Implemented rougify list, and added short descriptions to all of the lexers.
  • Fixed a bug in the C lexer that was yielding error tokens in case statements.