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Releases: juliangarnier/anime


12 Oct 15:15
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  • Add "remove" method on instance #635
  • (Re) Add easeOutIn easing function #684

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug with visibilitychange event and paused instances #701, #560, #721, #711
  • Fix condition for getAttribute when the returned value is 0 #540
  • Fix a scaling issue on path animations when animating an element inside an SVG #568


  • Fix ranged staggering example #704
  • Better Elastic easings explanations #694
  • Cleanup examples


09 Apr 14:49
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  • Add matrix and matrix3d parameters to allow the use of matrix values in CSS Transforms #636
  • Change steps easing behaviour to match jump-start CSS timing function #625

Bug fixes

  • Fix (again) a bug where the animation will "flick" on reverse #623 #586 #503 #577


25 Jul 16:16
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  • Add support for values with exponent (-1.12742e-12) #552
  • Easing functions refactoring + added Bounce easing

Bug fixes

  • Fix wrong unit detection when a value contains spaces #502
  • Fix a bug where the parent of responsive SVG path was not properly set #556
  • Fix a bug where the animation will "flick" on reverse #512
  • Fix a bug where loopBegin callback could be called just before animation complete
  • Update anime.running reference when clearing array on visibility change #560#466
  • Update ES6 module instal path #588, #527, #590


17 Jan 11:09
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Bug fixes

  • Fix ReferenceError on document when running anime.js on the server #472 #481 #345
  • Fix a bug that prevented complete callback to be called again when re-playing the animation #483 #373 #378 #392 #408
  • Fix a bug triggering a TL promise instantly #159


09 Jan 11:00
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New features

  • New easings: spring(mass, stiffness, damping, velocity) and steps(x)
  • Add endDelay parameter
  • New keyframes system
  • New staggering helper
  • New callbacks: loopBegin(), loopComplete(), changeBegin(), change() and changeComplete()
  • Automatic CSS units conversion
  • Responsive motion path animation
  • New set() helper to apply values instantly to multiple targets
  • ES6 Modules and new build process
  • New documentation
  • A website.

Bug fixes

  • No need to re-define a transform property when animating multiple transforms on the same target in a timeline
  • Improved simultaneous animations on the same target #257
  • Allow remove() to remove targets from timeline #318 #286
  • Reversed animations can now be delayed using endDelay #254
  • Better inline style unit handling (check inline style before getComputedStyle) #251
  • SVG scale property is no longer overridden by CSS transform scale #316
  • Fix Uncaught “TypeError: Cannot read property 'targets' of undefined” when there are no TL parameters object specified #341
  • Fix a bug that prevented specific HTML ids selectors to be selected (HEX colours) #281
  • Fix wrong initial SVG transform value in some cases #340

API changes

  • run() callback has been replaced by change()
  • animations are now paused when tab of window is not active
  • getValue() has been replaced by get()
  • Cubic Bézier curves are now defined using a string ‘cubicBezier(x1,y1,x2,y2)’ instead of an array
  • Timeline offset property has been replaced by timelineOffset #229
  • Timeline offset can be set as a second argument inside .add()


25 Sep 17:07
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  • Performances boost, up to 1.5 faster 🔥
  • Add support for RGBA and HSLA colors animations

Bug fixes

  • Fix timeline children begin() callback
  • Fix a bug where some timeline durations weren’t properly calculated
  • Fix a bug where anime.path() initial values weren’t properly set #245
  • Fix a bug where percentage unit starting values were miscalculated #238
  • begin() and complete() callbacks are now called instantly if duration is 0


17 Sep 15:17
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  • Children animations can now inherit properties from their parent timeline (targets, duration, delay, easing, round) (#152)
  • Add support for vmin/vmax/ch units
  • Add support for the transform perspective property (#207)
  • Add support for circle, rect, polyline, polygon and line shapes for anime.setDashOffset() (#145, #155)
  • duration: 0 now instantly finish the animation (#228, #208)
  • Animation initial values are now automatically set even if autoplay is false

Bug fixes

  • Fix timeline Callbacks at initialisation (#215)
  • Fix timeline Promise being called instantly (#159)
  • Fix wrong values re-composition for complex CSS properties (like filter, box-shadow, calc()…) (#119, #174, #175, #167, #223)
  • Numerical values are not converted to strings anymore (#116)
  • Relatives values now keep their unit (#214)
  • Seeking an animation to 0 now correctly set the initial properties values (#177, #208)
  • run callback is now properly called after animation delay


26 Mar 14:30
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  • Fix Timeline bugs and improvement #113 #131 #121
  • Fix an IE bug related to Promise #123
  • Absolute images path in documentation #114


23 Feb 15:18
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What's new?

  • Up to 2 times faster
  • Multiple keyframes by properties
  • Animations timeline
  • Custom bezier easing functions
  • Promise support
  • Relative values (+=, -=, *=)
  • Reverse animations at anytime with animation.reverse()
  • Brand new documentation


  • New elastic easing functions (elasticity can slightly differ from v1.x)
  • Improved playback and callback systems
  • Motion path animation supports reverse and alternate directions
  • easing, elasticity and round properties accept functions as value
  • Add animation.paused to check if the instance is running or not
  • Add animation.reset() to properly reset an animation
  • Simpler instance Object

Changes to consider when migrating from v1.x

  • update callback is now called right after .play()
  • animation.ended replaced by `animation.completed``
  • and animation.restart() no longer accept arguments
  • anime.list is replaced by anime.running
  • No more ...Bounce and OutIn... built in easing functions
  • No more animation.settings, all parameters are now accessible directly at the root of the Object
  • Remove will-change support on CSS animation
  • reverse direction now make the animation goes from 100% to 0% instead of reversing tweens properties


27 Dec 14:25
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Bug fixes

  • Fix an SVG path animation bug when using easeInSine eaquation #100
  • Begin callback is now correctly fired when a delay is a function #98