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CLI to interactively upgrade gradle dependencies, inspired by yarn.
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Gradle Upgrade Interactive

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CLI to interactively upgrade Gradle dependencies, inspired by yarn.

Easily upgrade your dependencies and Gradle itself by simply selecting what you want to upgrade.



To get the data for the outdated dependencies, the gradle-versions-plugin is required.


plugins {
  id "com.github.ben-manes.versions" version "0.24.0"

Install the CLI

npm i -g gradle-upgrade-interactive


Simply run gradle-upgrade-interactive.

  --help            Show help                                          [boolean]
  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --resolution, -r  Controls the dependency resolution strategy.
                    Supported options:
                    * release: selects the latest release
                    * milestone: select the latest version being either a
                    milestone or a release (default)
                    * integration: selects the latest revision of the dependency
                    module (such as SNAPSHOT)                           [string]
  --semver, -s      Which semantic version diffs to include
                    ( Flag can be used multiple times.
                    Supported options:
                    * major: Include upgrades with a major version change
                    * minor: Include upgrades with a minor version change
                    * patch: Include upgrades with a patch version change[array]
  --debug, -d       Prints debugging information, such as commands executed and
                    current status.                  [boolean] [Standard: false]
  --no-color        Disables color output

How it works

The gradle-versions-plugin is called to generate a JSON report containing the outdated dependencies. The CLI will then prompt all outdated dependencies and the selected dependency upgrades will be written to the Gradle build file.

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