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Vehicle Re-ID Collection

If you notice any result or the public code that has not been included in this page, please connect Zhedong Zheng without hesitation to add the method. You are welcomed! or create pull request.

Priorities are given to papers whose codes are published.


🏎️. The 1st Place Submission to AICity Challenge 2021 nlp re-id track (CVPR 2021 workshop) [code][paper]

🚙: The 2nd Place Submission to AICity Challenge 2021 re-id track (CVPR 2021 workshop) [code]

🚗 The 1st Place Submission to AICity Challenge 2020 re-id track (CVPR 2020 workshop) [code] [paper]

🚁 Drone-based building re-id (ACM Multimedia 2020) [code] [paper]

GPU-based Fast Re-Ranking [code] [paper]


  1. VeRi-776

    project paper

49,357 images of 776 vehicles from 20 cameras. Like Market-1501 protocol.

The VeRi dataset is divided into a training subset containing 37,781 images of 576 subjects and a testing subset with 13,257 images of 200 subjects.then a query set containing 1,678 images of 200 subjects and a gallery including 11,579 image of 200 subjects are finally obtained.

  1. PKU Vehicle-ID

    project pdf

221,763 images of 2,627 vehicles. Only two camera views??

  1. PKU-VD

    project pdf

with attribute.

  1. VehicleReID

    project pdf

47,123 images from two cameras & lablled on pair.

  1. PKU-Vehicle

    project paper

no ID lablled.

  1. CompCars

    project pdf

136,726 + 27,618 images of 1,716 cars with attributes. After crop, 136,713.

  1. StanfordCars

    project pdf

16,185 images of 196 classes.

  1. Vehicle-1M

    project pdf

  2. VERI-Wild


  1. VRIC with various motion blur and resolution


60,430 images of 5,622 vehicle identities captured by 60 different cameras

Recent Papers


  1. TransReID: Transformer-based Object Re-Identification (ICCV) paper code

  2. Viewpoint and Scale Consistency Reinforcement for UAV Vehicle Re-Identification (IJCV) pdf

  3. Exploring Spatial Significance via Hybrid Pyramidal Graph Network for Vehicle Re-Identification (TITS) paper

  4. PhD Learning: Learning With Pompeiu-Hausdorff Distances for Video-Based Vehicle Re-Identification (CVPR) paper code

  5. Heterogeneous Relational Complement for Vehicle Re-identification (ICCV) paper code

  6. Model Latent Views With Multi-Center Metric Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification (TITS) paper

  7. Inter-Domain Adaptation Label for Data Augmentation in Vehicle Re-identification (TMM) paper

  8. Learning Multiple Semantic Knowledge For Cross-Domain Unsupervised Vehicle Re-Identification (ICME) paper

  9. Multi-level Deep Learning Vehicle Re-identification using Ranked-based Loss Functions (ICPR) paper

  10. Keypoint-Aligned Embeddings for Image Retrieval and Re-Identification (WACV) pdf

  11. Pseudo Graph Convolutional Network for Vehicle ReID (ACMMM) paper

  12. Vehicle Re-identification for Lane-level Travel Time Estimations on Congested Urban Road Networks Using Video Images (TITS) paper

  13. OERFF: A Vehicle Re-Identification Method Based on Orientation Estimation and Regional Feature Fusion (IEEE Access) paper

  14. Counterfactual Attention Learning for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization and Re-identification (ICCV) arXiv code

  15. Self-Supervised Geometric Features Discovery via Interpretable Attention for Vehicle Re-Identification and Beyond (ICCV) pdf


  1. VehicleNet: Learning Robust Visual Representation for Vehicle Re-identification (TMM) arXiv [中文介绍]

  2. Beyond the Parts: Learning Multi-view Cross-part Correlation for Vehicle Re-identification (ACM MM) paper code

  3. The Devil is in the Details: Self-Supervised Attention for Vehicle Re-Identification (ECCV) arXiv [中文介绍]

  4. Structural Analysis of Attributes for Vehicle Re-Identification and Retrieval (TITS) paper

  5. Group-Group Loss-Based Global-Regional Feature Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification (TIP) paper code

  6. Simulating Content Consistent Vehicle Datasets with Attribute Descent (ECCV) pdf code [中文介绍]

  7. Parsing-based View-aware Embedding Network for Vehicle Re-Identification (CVPR) paper code [中文介绍]

  8. Robust Re-Identification by Multiple Views Knowledge Distillation (ECCV) paper code

  9. Orientation-aware Vehicle Re-identification with Semantics-guided Part Attention Network (ECCV) pdf code

  10. Vehicle Re-Identification Using Quadruple Directional Deep Learning Features (TITS) paper

  11. Multi-Spectral Vehicle Re-Identification: A Challenge (AAAI) paper

  12. Unsupervised Vehicle Re-identification with Progressive Adaptation (IJCAI) paper

  13. Disentangled Feature Learning Network for Vehicle Re-Identification (IJCAI) paper

  14. CFVMNet: A Multi-branch Network for Vehicle Re-identification Based on Common Field of View (ACMMM) paper

  15. A Structured Graph Attention Network for Vehicle Re-Identification (ACMMM) paper

  16. Fine-grained Feature Alignment with Part Perspective Transformation for Vehicle ReID (ACMMM) paper

  17. Background Segmentation for Vehicle Re-identification (MMM) paper

  18. Dual Domain Multi-Task Model for Vehicle Re-Identification (TITS) paper

  19. Multi-View Spatial Attention Embedding for Vehicle Re-Identification (TCSVT) paper

  20. Unsupervised domain adaptive re-identification: Theory and practice (PR) paper

  21. VARID: Viewpoint-Aware Re-IDentification of Vehicle Based on Triplet Loss (TITS) paper

  22. Uncertainty-Aware Multi-Shot Knowledge Distillation for Image-Based Object Re-Identification (AAAI) paper

  23. Tell The Truth From The Front: Anti-Disguise Vehicle Re-Identification (ICME) paper

  24. Vehicle Re-Identification Using Distance-Based Global and Partial Multi-Regional Feature Learning (TITS) paper


  1. VR-PROUD: Vehicle Re-identification using PROgressive Unsupervised Deep architecture (PR) paper

  2. Embedding Adversarial Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification (TIP) paper

  3. Vehicle Re-Identification Using Quadruple Directional Deep Learning Features (TITS) pdf

  4. VehicleNet: Learning Robust Feature Representation for Vehicle Re-identification (CVPR workshop) paper

  5. Part-regularized Near-duplicate Vehicle Re-identification (CVPR) pdf


  1. Viewpoint-aware Attentive Multi-view Inference for Vehicle Re-identification (CVPR) pdf

  2. Unsupervised Vehicle Re-Identification using Triplet Networks (CVPR workshop) pdf

  3. Vehicle Re-Identification with the Space-Time Prior (CVPR workshop) pdf

  4. Fast vehicle identification via ranked semantic sampling based embedding (IJCAI) pdf

  5. Vehicle re-identification by deep hidden multi-view inference (TIP) paper

  6. Ram: a region-aware deep model for vehicle re-identification (ICME) pdf

  7. Learning Coarse-to-Fine Structured Feature Embedding for Vehicle Re-Identification (AAAI) pdf

  8. PROVID- Progressive and Multimodal Vehicle Reidentification for Large-Scale Urban Surveillance (TMM) paper

  9. Group Sensitive Triplet Embedding for Vehicle Re-identification (TMM) paper

  10. VP-ReID: vehicle and person re-identification system (ACMMM) paper

  11. Vehicle Re-Identification by Adversarial Bi-Directional LSTM Network (WACV) paper

  12. Joint Semi-supervised Learning and Re-ranking for Vehicle Re-identification (ICPR) paper

  13. Multi-Attribute Driven Vehicle Re-Identification with Spatial-Temporal Re-Ranking (ICIP) paper

  14. Joint feature and similarity deep learning for vehicle re-identification (IEEE Access) paper


  1. Orientation Invariant Feature Embedding and Spatial Temporal Regularization for Vehicle Re-Identification (ICCV) pdf

  2. Learning Deep Neural Networks for Vehicle Re-ID With Visual-Spatio-Temporal Path Proposals (ICCV) pdf

  3. Exploiting Multi-Grain Ranking Constraints for Precisely Searching Visually-similar Vehicles (ICCV) pdf

  4. Improving triplet-wise training of convolutional neural network for vehicle re-identification (ICME) paper

  5. Deep hashing with multi-task learning for large-scale instance-level vehicle search (ICME workshop) paper

  6. Multi-modal metric learning for vehicle re-identification in traffic surveillance environment (ICIP) paper

  7. Vehicle re-identification by fusing multiple deep neural networks (IPTA) paper

  8. Beyond human-level license plate super-resolution with progressive vehicle search and domain priori GAN (ACMMM) paper


  1. Vehicle Re-Identification for Automatic Video Traffic Surveillance (CVPR workshop) pdf

  2. Deep Relative Distance Learning- Tell the Difference Between Similar Vehicles (CVPR) pdf

  3. A Deep Learning-Based Approach to Progressive Vehicle Re-identification for Urban Surveillance (ECCV) paper

  4. Large-Scale Vehicle Re-Identification in Urban Surveillance Videos (ICME) pdf