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VTS Browser JS

VTS Browser CPP is a collection of libraries that bring VTS frontend capabilities to your native applications.


Unity 3D integration example

Youtube Preview

(Click to play the video)

iOS app example

Youtube Preview

(Click to play the video)


  • Highly flexible -> almost all aspects can be changed through configuration.
  • Rendering API independent -> the browser library, on its own, does not render anything. Instead, it just tells the application what to render.
    • Optional OpenGL (ES) rendering library is also provided.
  • Clean C++ API.
    • C and C# bindings are available too.
  • Works on Windows, UWP (experimental), Linux, Web Assembly (experimental), macOS and iOS.
  • Simple -> minimal application using these libraries has about 300 LOC. See vts-browser-minimal.


Be warned, this library is still in development. We make no attempt on maintaining ABI nor API compatibility yet.


Browser documentation is available at the wiki.

Documentation for the whole VTS is at VTS Geospatial.

Installing from Melown repository (Linux desktop only)

We provide pre-compiled packages for some popular linux distributions. See Melown OSS package repository for more information.

The packages are named libvts-browser0 (the library itself), libvts-browser-dbg (debug symbols for the library), libvts-browser-dev (developer files for the library) and vts-browser-desktop (example application).

Building and using the browser

See for instructions to build the libraries from source.

See for instructions to write a simple app with VTS browser.

Running example application

Run the desktop example application with default mapconfig (our Intergeo presentation):


Run the desktop example application with specific mapconfig:


Bug reports

For bug reports or enhancement suggestions use the Issue tracker.

How to contribute

Check the file.


See the LICENSE file.