An all-inclusive Python framework for the Riot Games League of Legends API. We focus on making the data easy and fun to work with, while providing all the tools necessary to create a website or do data analysis.
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A Python adaptation of the Riot Games League of Legends API (

Cassiopeia is the sister library to Orianna (Java). It's been designed with usability in mind - making sure all the bookkeeping is done right so you can focus on getting the data you need and building your application.

Documentation and Examples

Cassiopeia has detailed documentation and examples.


pip install cassiopeia or see here for more information.

Why use Cass?

  • An excellent user interface that makes working with data from the Riot API easy and fun.

  • "Perfect" rate limiting.

  • Guaranteed optimal usage of your API key.

  • Built in caching and (coming) the ability to easily hook into a database for offline storage of data.

  • Extendability to non-Riot data. Because Cass is a framework and not just an API wrapper, you can integrate your own data sources into your project. Cass already supports Data Dragon and the API in addition to the Riot API.

  • Dynamic settings so you can configure Cass for your specific use case.


Here's an example of a basic use of the API. The full documentation can be found at

import random

import cassiopeia as cass

cass.set_riot_api_key("YOUR_KEY")  # This overrides the value set in your configuration/settings.

summoner = cass.get_summoner(name="Kalturi")
print("{name} is a level {level} summoner on the {region} server.".format(,

champions = cass.get_champions()
random_champion = random.choice(champions)
print("He enjoys playing champions such as {name}.".format(

challenger_league = cass.get_challenger_league(queue=cass.Queue.ranked_solo_fives)
best_na = challenger_league[0].summoner
print("He's not as good as {name} at League, but probably a better python programmer!".format(


Feel free to send pull requests or to contact us via github or discord. More information can be found in our documentation.


If you find bugs please let us know via an issue or pull request. If you would like to help maintain Cassiopeia, let us know and we will invite you to our discord server.

Citing Cassiopeia

If you used Cassiopeia for your research, please cite the project.

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