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Nimble Commander - Open Source

Nimble Commander is a dual-pane file manager for macOS, which was developed with an emphasis on performance, keyboard navigation and flexibility. Project's website:
This repository contains per-version snapshots of the project's source code.

How to Build

Xcode8, preferrebly Xcode8.3.2.
This version can be downloaded directly:
Xcode9 is not supported by the codebase due to the Objective-C++ compatibility issue, which appeared in Xcode9.

Make sure that correct Xcode version is selected:

xcode-select -p

If it's not - adjust this setting:

sudo xcode-select -s /Application/ProperXcodeVersionPath/

Getting the source code
Clone the repository in appropriate directory:

git clone --recursive

Building an unsigned version
Use the following script to check if the build system works as expected:

cd nimble-commander

If execution was successful, this script will run the freshly built version of Nimble Commander.
Location of resulting application bundle depends on current Xcode settings, by default it can be found here:

Exploring the source code

Just open NimbleCommander.xcodeproj in Xcode and select the proper scheme: NimbleCommander-Unsigned.
The source code is ready to be built and run.
There're 6 sub-projects in the codebase, apart from the main one:

  • Habanero - low-level general-purpose facilities.
  • Utility - Platform-dependent utilities.
  • RoutedIO - AdminMode-related code, including privileged helper and client-side interface.
  • Term - Built-in terminal emulator.
  • VFS - Virtual file systems: generic interface and various implementations.
  • Operations - a set of file operations running on top of the VFS layer.


This source code is the same as the one used to build the officially distributed versions of Nimble Commander. However, the public repository does not contain any sensitive information like accounts, addresses, keys, and alike. Thus a few parts, which specifically rely on that information, might not work as expected.


Copyright (C) 2013-2017 Michael Kazakov (
The source code is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3.