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@devin-petersohn devin-petersohn released this Sep 9, 2019

Modin 0.6.0 release notes

This release contains a large number of internal changes and some new functionality. Notably, a Dask backend for Windows support was added, and the pandas version was updated to 0.25.1. There were a number of minor bugfixes as well. The entire backend was refactored in #721 to support future additions easier and query planning.

We also dropped Python2 support while updating to the newest pandas version. pandas is no longer supporting Python2, so we will not as well.

Bugfixes + Pandas Concordance (🐛 + 🐼)

  • Fix reshape so that it succeeds on larger tables as well (#731)
  • count with level defaults to pandas (#748)
  • Apply groupby function to every elements (#757)
  • Fix issue where assigning a column value to overwrite a column (#770)
  • Add a warning message when passing a SQLAlchemy connection object to read_sql (#771)
  • Add better defaulting to pandas message for groupby (#773)

New Functionality

  • Preliminary read_json implementation (#715)
  • count with level (#761)
  • Compatibility Changes for Pandas 0.25.1 (#755)
  • Add Dask futures implementation (#732)

Backend enhancements + Performance 🚀

  • More efficiently manage metadata internally (#721)
  • Reduce the amount of data we deserialize to match pandas (#774)

Code Quality 💯

  • Rename map_full_axis style functions to fold (#769)

Documentation 📃

  • Link to Pandas Docs in modin_dataframe_supported for usage (#749)
  • Link to Pandas Docs in UsingPandasonRay (#751)

Testing 📈

  • Patch s3fs unclosed socket warning issue (#742)

Dependencies 🔗

  • Bump Ray version (#750)
  • Resolves Typing in Python3.7 Issue (#765)

Contributors this release

The following users contributed code to Modin since the last release.

@loopyme (First time contributor) 🌟
@agardelein (First time contributor) 🌟
@anthonyhsyu (First time contributor) 🌟
@dulinda (Returning contributor)
@RehanSD (Returning contributor)
@simon-mo (Maintainer)
@williamma12 (Maintainer)
@devin-petersohn (Maintainer)

🎉🎉 Thank you! 🎉🎉

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