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Releases: mozilla/pdf.js


29 May 12:07
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This release features improvements in the areas of font conversion and substitution, annotation rendering and data compression, ink tool smoothing, text selection and extraction, image rendering and canvas rendering performance.

Changes since v3.6.172


07 May 11:18
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This release features improvements in the areas of performance, text selection/searching, image/pattern rendering, accessibility and documentation/types.

Changes since v3.5.141


02 Apr 12:48
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This release features image rendering improvements that allow rendering big images even if they are larger than the canvas limits, which fixes quite a lot of issues about images that previously failed to render. Moreover, this release contains bugfixes and improvements for annotations, text selection and typing/documentation.

Changes since v3.4.120


26 Feb 12:01
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This release contains bugfixes and optimizations/cleanups, in particular in the areas of annotations/forms, text selection, font conversion, accessibility and performance (reduced browser reflows).

Changes since v3.3.122


29 Jan 12:34
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This release contains a new pinch to zoom feature for the viewer and other bugfixes and optimizations/cleanups, in particular some that reduce browser reflow and memory usage which improves performance.

Changes since v3.2.146


01 Jan 13:28
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This release primarily contains bugfixes and optimizations/cleanups, in particular to avoid re-rendering content unnecessarily on e.g. zooming and rotation, which should improve overall viewer performance.

Changes since v3.1.81

  • Bump versions in pdfjs.config by @timvandermeij in #15749
  • Add default icons for FileAttachment annotations (bug 1230933) by @Snuffleupagus in #15747
  • Update packages and translations by @Snuffleupagus in #15750
  • Slightly modernize the FontLoader.isSyncFontLoadingSupported getter by @Snuffleupagus in #15751
  • [JS] Fix a rounding issue in printf (bug 1802888) by @calixteman in #15755
  • [JS] By default, a text field value must be treated as a number (bug 1802888) by @calixteman in #15757
  • [api-minor] Remove all the useless telemetry stuff in the viewer (bug 1802468) by @calixteman in #15758
  • Don't add an extra space after a Katakana or a Hiragana at the eol when searching by @calixteman in #15760
  • Ignore PDF documents opened from "data:"-URLs when handling internal links (bug 1803050) by @Snuffleupagus in #15762
  • [Editor] Change the text annotation cursor for the high dpi screens. by @calixteman in #15718
  • Stop duplicating the platform getter in multiple files by @Snuffleupagus in #15761
  • [Annotation] Send correctly the updated values to the JS sandbox by @calixteman in #15764
  • [api-minor] Remove the TextLayer timeout parameter (PR 15742 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15765
  • Prevent the debugger from breaking on unbalanced save/restore OPS (issue 15767) by @Snuffleupagus in #15768
  • [api-minor] Refactor the text layer code in order to avoid to recompute it on each draw by @calixteman in #15722
  • Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 by @dependabot in #15771
  • Remove execution permission on cursor-editorFreeText.svg by @calixteman in #15772
  • Enable the no-typeof-undefined ESLint plugin rule by @Snuffleupagus in #15752
  • [api-minor] Normalize the view-getter on the worker-thread by @Snuffleupagus in #15773
  • [api-minor] Combine the textContent/textContentStream parameters by @Snuffleupagus in #15779
  • Don't re-create the structTreeLayer on zooming and rotation by @Snuffleupagus in #15778
  • [Editor] Add a very basic and incomplete workaround for issue #15780 by @calixteman in #15786
  • Tighten the vars-argument for the ESLint no-unused-vars rule by @Snuffleupagus in #15775
  • Remove the unused DefaultExternalServices.createDownloadManager options (PR 12191 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15776
  • [api-minor][Editor] Don't use the editor parent which can be null. by @calixteman in #15782
  • [Editor] Take all the viewBox into account when computing the coordinates of an annotation in the page (fixes #15789) by @calixteman in #15791
  • A few small viewer-related fixes by @Snuffleupagus in #15788
  • Fix page-switching for landscape documents with SpreadModes and PresentationMode (PR 14877 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15798
  • Ensure that the various layers always get the correct initial size (issue 15795) by @Snuffleupagus in #15796
  • [AnnotationEditorLayerBuilder] Inline the destroy code in the cancel method by @Snuffleupagus in #15800
  • Change the XfaLayerBuilder.render method to be asynchronous by @Snuffleupagus in #15805
  • Set the dimensions of the various layers at their creation by @calixteman in #15770
  • Don't attempt to re-create the annotationLayer, for pages without any annotations, on zooming and rotation by @Snuffleupagus in #15806
  • [api-minor] Add a new PageViewport-getter to access the original, un-scaled, viewport dimensions by @Snuffleupagus in #15797
  • The annotation layer dimensions must be set before adding some elements (follow-up of #15770) by @calixteman in #15820
  • [JS] Handle correctly choice widgets where the display and the export values are different (issue #15815) by @calixteman in #15819
  • [JS] Run the named actions before running the format when the file is open (issue #15818) by @calixteman in #15822
  • Initialize the TextHighlighter-instance lazily in PDFPageView by @Snuffleupagus in #15826
  • Handle possibly undefined parameters once per AnnotationLayer.render invocation by @Snuffleupagus in #15824
  • [api-minor] Allow specifying an extra-delay, in RenderTask.cancel, for worker-thread aborting of operatorList parsing by @Snuffleupagus in #15825
  • Don't remove the loading icon from the DOM when a page is resetted by @calixteman in #15829
  • [GV] Add a viewer for GeckoView by @calixteman in #15831
  • Always parse the entire startXRefQueue in XRef.readXRef (issue 15833) by @Snuffleupagus in #15834
  • Protect a few additional DOM element accesses in the viewer (PR 15831 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15835
  • Attempt to expose OnProgressParameters in the TypeScript definitions (issue 15828) by @Snuffleupagus in #15832
  • Strip out a reserved operator (9) from CFF char strings (fixes issue #15784) by @calixteman in #15841
  • [GeckoView] Ignore the pageLayout, from the PDF document, to prevent issues by @Snuffleupagus in #15842
  • [TextLayer] Hide the text layer when it's created in order to avoid reflows (fix #15844) by @calixteman in #15845
  • Display the text layer before running the a11y stuff (follow-up of #15845) by @calixteman in #15847
  • Avoid to compute the client rect of the viewer by @calixteman in #15830
  • [Editor] Avoid to scroll when an annotation is commited (fixes issue #15744) by @calixteman in #15849
  • [api-minor] Remove the default factories, used to initialize various layers, in the viewer by @Snuffleupagus in #15811
  • A couple of small viewer fixes (PR 15811 and 15831 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15852
  • Ensure that the loadingIconDiv is always visible (PR 15829 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15860
  • Re-factor searching for incomplete objects in XRef.indexObjects (issue 15803) by @Snuffleupagus in #15854
  • Update packages and translations by @Snuffleupagus in #15864
  • Only redraw after zooming is finished (bug 1661253) by @calixteman in #15812
  • Set a z-index for the different layers within a page (fixes #15861) by @calixteman in #15862
  • [Regression] Ensure that documents with varying page sizes are initialized correctly (PR 15812 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15872
  • Remove PDFPageProxy.getJSActions caching, since it's unused, in the API by @Snuffleupagus in #15870
  • Always abort a pending streamReader cancel timeout in PDFPageProxy._abortOperatorList (PR 15825 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15869
  • Only display the loadingIcons when rendering is currently running by @Snuffleupagus in #15867
  • Improve name consistency in the viewer (PR 15812 follow-up) by @Snuffleupagus in #15875
  • Decouple the loadingBar background-color from the rest of the viewer by @Snuffleupagus in #15874


26 Nov 13:43
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This release primarily contains bugfixes and optimizations/cleanups, in particular a follow-up on the previous release where a dependency we use could cause installation issues on certain platforms.

Changes since v3.0.279

  • Bump versions in pdfjs.config by @timvandermeij in #15643
  • Changed link for "Gulp's getting started guide" by @SpartanApple in #15649
  • [Form] Don't use field appearances when /NeedAppearances is set to true (bug 1796741) by @calixteman in #15615
  • Prevent interaction with form elements in PresentationMode (issue 12232) by @Snuffleupagus in #15648
  • Move canvas to optionalDependencies by @tamuratak in #15655
  • [api-minor] Let Catalog.getAllPageDicts return an empty dictionary when loading the first /Page fails (issue 15590) by @Snuffleupagus in #15613
  • Use private fields in a few more viewer classes by @Snuffleupagus in #15663
  • Cache the normalized unicode-value on the Glyph-instance by @Snuffleupagus in #15657
  • [api-minor] Initialize the unicode-category lazily on the Glyph-instance by @Snuffleupagus in #15665
  • [api-minor] Propagate the translated font name to TextContentItem for system fonts by @sxyuan in #15659
  • [Annotation] Fix printing/saving for annotations containing some non-ascii chars and with no fonts to handle them (bug 1666824) by @calixteman in #15587
  • Use the full inline image as the cacheKey in Parser.makeInlineImage (bug 1799927) by @Snuffleupagus in #15679
  • Some small AnnotationStorage and StatTimer clean-up by @Snuffleupagus in #15682
  • Change the assert in Parser.findDefaultInlineStreamEnd to a non-PRODUCTION one by @Snuffleupagus in #15686
  • Update packages and translations by @Snuffleupagus in #15689
  • Take the mask-offset into account when rendering repeated image masks (bug 1799927) by @Snuffleupagus in #15688
  • Stop Dependabot from creating its own, otherwise unused, labels by @Snuffleupagus in #15693
  • Bump minimatch from 3.0.4 to 3.1.2 by @dependabot in #15692
  • Normalize fullwidth, halfwidth and circled chars when searching by @calixteman in #15694
  • Initialize the find-related DIACRITICS_EXCEPTION_STR constant lazily by @Snuffleupagus in #15698
  • Move the _isOffscreenCanvasSupported property to the base Annotation class by @Snuffleupagus in #15699
  • Remove unnecessary function names in the src/core/worker.js file by @Snuffleupagus in #15706
  • Move some string helper functions to the worker-thread by @Snuffleupagus in #15701
  • Add localization support for the annotationLayer reference tests (issue 10791) by @Snuffleupagus in #15710
  • Reduce duplication when creating a fallback appearance for MarkupAnnotations by @Snuffleupagus in #15713
  • Remove the overflowing text special-case from scrollIntoView (issue 15714) by @Snuffleupagus in #15721
  • Unblock the load event when the pdf has a password (bug 1801341) by @calixteman in #15727
  • Support FileAttachments with hash-signs in the filename (issue 15729) by @Snuffleupagus in #15730
  • Add support for Optional Content in TilingPatterns (issue 15716) by @Snuffleupagus in #15731
  • Revert "Remove the overflowing text special-case from scrollIntoView (issue 15714)" by @Snuffleupagus in #15740
  • Add a fallback for non-embedded composite Tahoma fonts (issue 15719) by @Snuffleupagus in #15732
  • [api-minor] Deprecate the TextLayer timeout parameter by @Snuffleupagus in #15742
  • Re-factor and simplify the getQuadPoints helper function by @Snuffleupagus in #15715
  • Ensure that the initial document position is always correct with non-default Scroll/Spread modes (issue 15695) by @Snuffleupagus in #15720


29 Oct 17:54
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This major release features the new editor mode in the viewer (enabled by default now), new icons in the viewer, removal of deprecated functionality/APIs, removal of support for outdated browser versions, font conversion/text selection improvements and other features/bugfixes.

Changes since v2.16.105


28 Aug 11:22
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This release features bugfixes and accessibility improvements for the new experimental editor mode in the viewer as introduced in the previous release.

Changes since v2.15.349:

#15252 Bump versions in pdfjs.config
#15251 Ignore too small page-canvases in PDFThumbnailView.setImage
#15253 [api-minor] Update the minimum supported Safari version
#15263 Always set a border-radius for RadioButton annotations (issue 15262)
#15264 [Editor] Add some telemetry to know how often the editing features are used (bug 1782254)
#15268 Fix a typo in firefox print service (bug 1777693)
#15271 Skip unknown fields when calculating a value in using AFSimple_Calculate
#15267 [Annotation] Add a div containing the text of a FreeText annotation (bug 1780375)
#15274 [Editor] A pasted FreeText editor was missing when printing/saving
#15275 [Editor] Remove some a11y properties only useful when a FreeText editor is edited
#15282 Enable the ESLint prefer-spread rule
#15261 Don't include images/toolbarButton-editorInk.svg in the gulp components build (issue 15260)
#15281 Remove mozCurrentTransform/mozCurrentTransformInverse usage
#15283 [api-minor] Sort PopupAnnotations already on the worker-thread (PR 11535 follow-up)
#15284 Update packages and translations
#15287 [Editor] Remove use of innerHtml
#15290 Fix OTS issue with empty index (#15289)
#15295 [Editing] Disable buttons until the first page is rendered
#15296 Move the reset-calls to occur last in the toolbar-constructors
#15297 [Editor] Avoid creation of an editor on "wrong" clicks
#15298 [Editor] Ensure an ink editor has the minimal required size after having been pasted
#15279 Remove the extensions/firefox/README.mozilla file (bug 1778567 follow-up)
#15299 Add official support for passing ArrayBuffer-data to getDocument (issue 15269)
#15237 [Annotations] Add some aria-owns in the text layer to link to annotations (bug 1780375)
#15307 [Annotation] Add an aria role comment for FreeText annotations
#15309 Remove the remaining closure in the src/core/function.js file
#15306 Only compile Type3 glyphs when Path2D is supported
#15300 [GENERIC viewer] Export some viewer constants in the default viewer (issue 15294)
#15311 Don't add aria-owns attributes for non-existent elements (PR 15237 follow-up)
#15310 Remove the remaining closures in the src/core/cff_parser.js file
#15313 Move binarySearchFirstItem back to the web/-folder (PR 15237 follow-up)
#15319 Refresh the viewer if the window resolution changes (bug 1784850)
#15318 A couple of small PDFWorker changes
#15315 Remove the remaining closures in the src/core/type1_parser.js file
#15325 Ignoring "resize" events during printing (issue 15324)
#15327 Correctly mimic the proper event-format in AnnotationElement._setDefaultPropertiesFromJS (bug 1785218)
#15329 [api-minor][Annotations] charLimit === 0 means unlimited (bug 1782564)
#15338 Update packages and translations
#15332 [api-minor] Add the Babel targets-option to avoid transpiling code for unsupported browsers
#15335 Ensure that we don't try to re-open, or update the password-callback, when the password dialog is already open
#15348 [editor] Change the focus-outline to blue (bug 1787296)
#15347 Update types in PDFPageViewOptions to properly declare optional parameters
#15355 Always focus the viewerContainer when entering PresentationMode (bug 1787456)
#15344 Enable the unicorn/prefer-array-find ESLint plugin rule
#15343 Use AbortController unconditionally with the Fetch API
#15341 Improve handling of the "Cancel"-button in the password dialog
#15346 [api-minor] Deprecate the imageLayer functionality
#15351 [api-minor][editor] Indicate, in the title, if the document has been edited (bug 1785854)
#15349 [editor] Remove the editorNone toolbar button (bug 1787295)
#15356 Update the Node.js atob/btoa compatibility info


31 Jul 12:06
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This release features rendering quality improvements and a new experimental editor mode in the viewer, providing users with basic PDF editing functionality such as inserting annotations.

Changes since v2.14.305:

#14919 Bump versions in pdfjs.config
#14920 Update packages and translations
#14921 Adjust the heuristics for handling of incomplete path operators (issue 14917)
#14898 [api-minor] Use a CSS transform to update the progress bar instead of changing the width (bug 1768481)
#14945 Allow to have float numbers when getting image information in reftest-analyzer
#14947 Twitter should be capitalized.
#14929 Display background when printing or saving a text widget (issue #14928)
#14926 Remove the sourceEventType from the viewer (bug 1757771 follow-up)
#14948 Set 'dropEffect' based on 'effectAllowed' for drag-and-drop in the viewer (issue 14942)
#14950 [JS] Format all the fields if any when the document is open (bug 1766987)
#14955 Skip bogus d1 operators in Type3-glyphs (issue 14953)
#14957 Introduce a viewer constant for
#14959 Support custom pageColors in the thumbnails (PR 14874)
#14965 Support Hangul syllables when searching some text (bug 1771477)
#14936 Set the text fields font size based on their height
#14966 Use globalThis for webpack's output.globalObject instead of this
#14963 Handle CSS-comments correctly in the preprocess-function (PR 14886 follow-up)
#14964 Ensure that the contentDispositionFilename is always respected, when setting the document title (PR 13014 follow-up)
#14962 Improve the PDFSidebar implementation
#14967 Update packages and translations
#14968 A small memory-usage improvement for PDF documents opened from TypedArray-data
#14980 Handle CSS-comments better in the preprocess-function (PR 14963 follow-up)
#14976 [editor] Add a FreeText editor (#14970)
#14988 Remove mention of gulp singlefile-command from examples/node/getinfo.js
#14985 [editor] A couple of small FreeText-related fixes (PR 14976 follow-up)
#14984 Bundle the <dialog> polyfill-CSS in the GENERIC legacy/-viewer (PR 14710 follow-up)
#14991 [editor] Disable the editor-buttons in XFA documents
#14992 Lookup image-data correctly in paintImageMaskXObjectGroup (issue 14990)
#14993 [editor] Update the AnnotationStorage.hash-getter to support editing
#14994 Conditionally bundle gulp image_decoders-specific code in src/core/jbig2.js (PR 9729 follow-up)
#14998 Reset all the canvas states after rendering each annotations (#14105)
#15000 Outline fields which are required (bug 1724918)
#15001 Set "presentation" role for page canvases (issue 14437)
#15003 Change the name of the generated pdf.sandbox.external for mozilla-central
#14978 [editor] Add support for saving a newly added FreeText
#15008 Polyfill with core-js (PR 14976 follow-up)
#15011 Fix a couple of old review comments
#15013 Render PopupAnnotations even if they have missing or empty /Rect-entries (issue 15012, PR 14439 follow-up)
#14989 [editor] Add an Ink editor
#15006 [editor] Add support for saving newly added Ink
#15019 Revert "Change the name of the generated pdf.sandbox.external for mozilla-central"
#15015 Extend TextLayerRenderParameters.container type to include HTMLElement.
#15020 Add an empty entry in combo list when nothing is selected (bug 1773680)
#15014 Enable the unicorn/prefer-at ESLint plugin rule (PR 15008 follow-up)
#15018 Expose TextLayerRenderTask in the TypeScript definitions (issue 15016, PR 14013 follow-up)
#15022 Tweak the editorNone icon to circumvent the "duplicated files"-check
#15026 [api-minor] Stop using the beginAnnotations/endAnnotations operators (PR 14998 follow-up)
#15027 Remove superfluous trailing arguments from parseFloat-calls (PR 14978 follow-up)
#15029 Enable the unicorn/prefer-dom-node-append ESLint plugin rule
#15023 Enable the unicorn/prefer-array-flat and unicorn/prefer-array-flat-map ESLint plugin rules
#15028 [api-minor] Update the minimum supported browsers/environments
#15030 Update packages and translations
#15031 Enable the unicorn/prefer-modern-dom-apis ESLint plugin rule
#15034 Extend getGlyphMapForStandardFonts with some Hebrew entries (issue 15033)
#15046 Add basic support for non-embedded ArialUnicodeMS fonts (issue 15044)
#15050 [Editor] - Add the ability to directly draw after selecting ink tool
#15051 Fix "Good Beginner Bugs" link
#15054 [JS] Hide field borders and buttons (#15053)
#15035 Use modern DOM methods a bit more (PR 15031 follow-up)
#15048 Only define the renderer-option in the GENERIC viewer
#15052 Simplify setting the defaultUrl-option in the CHROME viewer (PR 12470 follow-up)
#15057 Replace element ids with custom attributes for Widget-annotations (issue 15056)
#15036 [api-minor] Get rid of CSS transform on each annotation in the annotation layer
#15058 [api-minor] Remove the "baseviewerinit" event since it's unused (PR 14324 follow-up)
#15059 Reduce unnecessary usage of Array.prototype.concat()
#15065 Popup trigger area must filled its parent (fix #15063)
#15064 Avoid having overflowing sections (#15036 follow-up)
#15062 Simplify the newRefs computation in the "SaveDocument"-handler in the worker-thread
#15071 Add an outline around popup trigger areas in ref-tests
#15074 Only activate ink editor if none is selected
#15069 Ensure that the annotationLayer has the correct dimensions (PR 15036 follow-up)
#15075 [editor] Support disabling of editing when pdfjs.enablePermissions is set (issue 15049)
#15060 Rotate annotations based on the MK::R value (bug 1675139)
#15047 [Editor] Add support for printing newly added Ink annotations
#15076 Enable the prefer-array-index-of ESLint plugin rule
#15081 Fix (obvious) typo in typedef-import of IPDFXfaLayerFactory (PR 14373 follow-up)
#15082 [Editor] Add support for printing newly added FreeText annotations
#15089 Correctly order added annotations when saving or printing
#15043 [api-minor] Introduce a PrintAnnotationStorage with frozen serializable data
#15093 [JS] Update siblings when a field is updated after a calculation (#15092)
#15097 Fix unit test (#15093 follow-up)
#15095 Add (basic) support for Optional Content in Annotations
#15101 Use the built components/pdf_viewer.css file in the reference tests
#15099 Remove element ids from the layersView in the sidebar
#15100 chore: Included githubactions in the dependabot config
#15103 chore: Set permissions for GitHub actions
#15088 Support rotating editor layer
#15104 Update translations and dependencies to the most recent versions
#15105 Always flush the current item with MarkedContent stuff when getting text (#15094)
#15039 [editor] Add some UI elements in order to set font size & color, and ink thickness & color
#15113 [editor] Introduce a proper annotationEditorMode option/preference (PR 15075 follow-up)
#15111 Add a visible page border in HCM (bug 1776914)
#15116 Fix the annotationEditorMode-compatibility for older browsers (PR 15113 follow-up)
#15117 [Editor] Set the freetext editor dimensions when the changing the font size
#15118 [Editor] Allow to select a freetext editor when in ink mode
#15115 [Editor] Handle correctly colors when saving a document in HCM
#15122 [editor] Tweak @media CSS rules to account for the new toolbar buttons
#15123 [editor] Disable editing while PresentationMode is active
#15121 [api-minor] Further modernize the ProgressBar class (PR 14918 follow-up)
#15126 [Editor] Update the id for a l10n string
#15125 Fix the Popup-trigger for FileAttachmentAnnotationElement (PR 15036 follow-up)
#15124 Call AnnotationLayer.setDimensions as part of the render/update-methods (PR 15036 follow-up)
#15133 Improve text-selection for Type3 fonts with bogus /FontBBox-entries (issue 14999)
#15130 [Editor] Dispatch an event when some global states are changing (bug 1777695)
#15142 [editor] Use the fit-curve package (issue 15004)
#15144 [Editor] Allow editors deletion on Backspace or Delete keys
#15146 [Editor] Change the cursor to a pen for the Ink editor
#15143 [jsdoc] failing typescript builds - wrong type
#15147 [Editor] Avoid to resize and redraw the ink canvas when it's useless
#15135 Use default colors only in forced-colors mode (bug 1778068)
#15151 [Editor] Remove useless and faulty code when destroying the global manager
#15152 Ensure that the /Resources-entry is actually a dictionary (issue 15150)
#15153 [Annotation] A push button can have no action (bug 1778692)
#15145 [api-minor] Deprecate the enhanceTextSelection functionality
#15155 Update packages and translations
#15154 Replace element ids with custom attributes in the xfaLayer
#15158 Update ttx from version 2.5 to version 3.19.0
#15159 [Editor] Avoid to have the ink editor smaller than the resizer (bug 1778982)
#15163 [Editor] Always have an ink editor (when in ink mode)
#15162 Enable the unicorn/prefer-logical-operator-over-ternary ESLint plugin rule
#15157 Add unicode mapping in the font cmap to have correct chars when printing in pdf (bug 1778484)
#15168 Disable canvas acceleration for linux tests
#15169 Handle errors in the "Loading by ref" code-path in PartialEvaluator.loadFont
#15170 [JS] Embedded JS scripts can have some null chars
#15173 [api-minor] Deprecate the SVG back-end
#15184 [Editor] Simplify the way to create an editor on click
#15179 [Editor] Use serialized data when copying/pasting
#15174 Use more for...of loops in the code-base
#15110 [Editor] Improve a11y for newly added element (#15109)
#15187 [Editor] Remove useless and potentially deleted editors
#15185 [Editor] Ink editor was too much translated after commit
#15186 [Editor] Move the keyboard manager at the container level
#15192 Ignore invalid /CIDToGIDMap-entries when parsing fonts (issue 15139)
#15195 [Editor] No need to click twice to create an editor when the...