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@dzuk-mutant dzuk-mutant released this Dec 8, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

This build requires a newer version of Orxporter, currently only available from Dzuk's fork.

New emoji

  • New palms_up expression for all MMs
  • neurodiversity symbol and infinity
  • all-new hoof hands (12) and hoof hand modifier
  • car, suv, taxi, minibus, ambulance, delivery_truck, articulated_truck, construction_sign, siren, bus_stop
  • light_bulb, soap
  • sunrise, sunrise_over_mountains, national_park, foggy, moon_viewing_ceremony
  • card suits (4), dollar, currency conversion
  • steam_train, mountain_train, briefcase
  • enby_crossbow
  • mild_panic
  • cookie, pizza, egg, tofu, avocado

Visual Changes

  • Updated Muscle expression (for all MMs)
  • Updated punch for hmn and claw MMs.
  • Rounded outlines for fist_facing_left, fist_facing_right, writing_hand, pray and nail_varnish for all MMs.
  • Slightly improved massage emoji
  • Slightly improved privacy emoji
  • Improved symbol flag emoji
  • Updated dice colours
  • Updated office/stationery emoji
  • Adjusted money emoji colours
  • Adjusted tech 2 emoji colours
  • Improved earth and world map emoji
  • Improved beach and desert_island emoji
  • Updated gender symbol designs
  • Updated bugbear design

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error from 0.4.0 where the lightness of H1-H5's text descriptions were accidentally flipped.
  • Fixed a visual bug in volcano.
  • Fixed an outline gap on nail_varnish [paw]

Codepoint changes

  • snake assigned Unicode 'Snake' (U+1F40D)
  • leopard assigned Unicode 'Leopard' (U+1F406)
  • ram assigned Unicode 'Ram' (U+1F40F)
  • rat assigned Unicode 'Rat' (U+1F400)
  • rabbit assigned Unicode 'Rabbit' (U+1F407) (not to be confused with Unicode's 'Rabbit Face')
  • tiger has been moved from Unicode 'Tiger Face' (U+1F42F) to Unicode 'Tiger' (U+1F405)
  • musical_score in the last version was accidentally encoded as U+1F4BC ('Briefcase') instead of U+1F3BC. It's now been fixed.

Changed shortcodes

  • triangular_flag -> triangle_flag

Other changes

  • 'travel_places/transport' renamed to 'travel_places/trains'.
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