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6.1.? - ?

6.1.0 - 02/01/2020

This release changes the database schema, so you will need to run docker-compose run --rm app bin/rake db:migrate if you have an existing Quepid.

6.0.2 - 11/26/2019

6.0.1 - 11/05/2019

6.0.0 - 07/25/2019

  • Removes everything related to payments, and makes Quepid "free"
  • Adds support for using a CORS proxy for Solr instances that are not configured to allow connections from Quepid
  • Replaces use of Vagrant in development in favor of Docker
  • Adds support for GDPR
  • Adds support for deploying Quepid on Heroku
  • Upgrades Ruby version
  • Upgrades Angular from 1.4.x to 1.7.x
  • A bunch of bug fixes


  • bugfix-888 Fixes #886: Locks version number for CSV module.


  • bugfix: ES5 displaying attributes - fields are not automatically stored so stored_fields will not return anything, instead get the data from the _source field


  • feature: q-score - Added graph for score history
  • feature: annotations - User can now take a snapshot of the score with an annotation to describe that point in time
  • bugfix-879-880-heatmap-safari Fixes heatmap in Safari


  • add support for ES 5+ with stored_fields vs fields


  • bugfix: Prevent re-escaping % when it's part of an escape char

4.1.0 (7 months)

  • bugfix-873-change-try-name Fixes renaming try and reloading name in list
  • bugfix-872-duplicate-try Fixes #872: Duplicating a try
  • bugfix-852-redraw-results-with-snapshot-open Fixes updating results in open query while comparing with a snapshot
  • bugfix-848-close-modal-after-deleting-try Closes modal after deleting try
  • enhancement-862-document-qa-workflow Adding documentation for QA flow
  • feature-863-explain-disabled-features-for-trial-user Enable popups that explain why trial user cannot perform action
  • enhancement-document-magic-variables Adds documentation for Magic Variables
  • bugfix-844-add-non-existing-user-to-enterprise Fixes feedback when adding non existent user to enterprise
  • bugfix-857-case-insensitive-emails Fixes logging in with emails (making them case insensitive)
  • bugfix-845-add-team-member Fixes feedback when adding a team member
  • bugfix-843-user-autocomplete Removing entire list of users from autocomplete when adding team member
  • feature-use-n-docs-in-scoring Allow users to set how many results to display by default instead of the default 10 results
  • feature-company-name-in-profile Adds ability to specify company name in user profile
  • feature-120-clone-case Adds ability to clone a case
  • bug-796-mass-import-ratings Fixes bug in mass import of ratings
  • bugfix-767-viewing-snapshots Fixes bug while views snapshots
  • bugfix-big-snapshot Fixes bug while viewing large snapshots
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