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Version 1.3.0

@paragonie-scott paragonie-scott released this
· 318 commits to master since this release
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  • Significant UI/UX improvements.
    • Redesigned the Bridge UI to be more suitable for a control panel.
    • The left menu in the Bridge is now collapsable, but automatically
      opens the sections which indicate your current location in the
  • Update Halite to 2.2.0.
  • Added a WhiteList filter, which is a strict typed alternative to
    switch-case whitelisting.
  • #129:
    Extension developers can now make their motifs configurable by
    end users.
  • #114:
    We no longer display the database password on the databases page.
    This has always only been accessible to administrators, but now it
    is write-only from the web interface.
  • #131:
    If an exception is thrown by the part of code that loads the logger,
    and the database driver was selected, it will no longer silently
    produce a white screen.
  • #132:
    You can now control the date/time a blog post is published.
  • #133:
    Added the "slug" field to the "Create New Blog Post" form.