How to create queue

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You can schedule your download very easy!

1- Create a queue Choose "Create new queue" form Queue in menu toolbar and select a unic name for it.

2- Add your downloads to the queue.

A. If you created download before:
Right click on downloads and send them to the queue with "Send to" option.

B. If you want import your links form text file:
Add your links to the simple text file.put only 1 link in a line.
From file menu select "import links form text file" and select your file.

C. If you want to add new link to the queue:
Click on add link button.
Insert your link.
Select your queue from "add to catecory" section.

3- Schedule queue:

Select your queue from catecory(left side panel).
Set start time and end time for your queue (see bottom-left panel).

4- Starting queue:

Click on "Start this queue" button form main window toolbar.

5- Shutting down computer automatically after queue completed:

When you start queue you can select "Shut down" from after download section (see bottom-left panel after queue started)
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