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Driver for the Pimoroni HyperPixel 4.0" Touchscreen Display
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HyperPixel 4.0" Drivers

HyperPixel 4.0 is an 800x480 pixel display for the Raspberry Pi, with optional capacitive touchscreen.

Installing / Uninstalling

First, clone this GitHub repository to your Pi:

git clone

Then run the installer to install:

cd hyperpixel4
sudo ./

180 Degree Rotation

Note: You must build the latest dtoverlay file to enable rotation support:

  1. Go into src
  2. run make to build a new hyperpixel4.dtbo with rotation support
  3. copy the overlay with sudo cp hyperpixel4.dtbo /boot/overlays/

To rotate your HyperPixel4 you must edit /boot/config.txt and change the following lines:

  1. Change dtoverlay=hyperpixel4 to dtoverlay=hyperpixel4:rotate
  2. Change display_rotate=3 to display_rotate=1

This will rotate both the display and the touchscreen input to match.

If you're using a non-touchscreen HyperPixel4 you need only change display_rotate.

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