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@etpinard etpinard released this Dec 19, 2018 · 1675 commits to master since this release


  • Add hovertemplate attribute to scatter, scattergl, bar, histogram,
    pie and sankey traces [#3126, #3265, #3284]
  • Add layout.title placement attributes x, y, xref, yref,
    xanchor, yanchor and pad [#3276]
  • Add support for <br>, <sup>, and <sub> pseudo-html in scatter3d and gl3d
    scene text [#3207]
  • Add multicategory axis type, allowing for "multi-level" categorical axis labels
    and category dividers with axis attributes: showdividers,
    dividercolor and diverwidth [#3254, #3300, #3326]
  • Add cartesian axis attribute tickson with value 'boundaries' to
    place categorical ticks on the category boundaries [#3254, #3275]
  • Add uirevision attributes to control the persistence of user-driven changes
    on the graph [#3236]
  • Add legend.valign to set the vertical alignment of the legend symbols
    with respect to their associated text labels [#3263]
  • Implement arrayOk textposition for scatter3d traces [#3200]
  • Add layout attributes colorscale.sequential, colorscale.sequentialminus and
    colorscale.diverging to set graph-wide colorscale defaults [#3274]
  • Add dragmode: false to disable all drag interactions on cartesian subplots [#3170]
  • Add plotly.js-locales npm packages that includes all official locales modules [#3223]
  • Add watermark config option to permanently show Plotly's logo
    in the mode bar (set to false by default) [#3280]
  • Add Finnish locale (fi) [#3325]


  • Remove "Edit in Chart Studio" button by default [#3307]
  • title attributes linked to strings are now deprecated. Please use
    title.text instead to fill in your title text [#3276]
  • title* attributes are new deprecated. They moved to title.*. For
    example, colorbar.titleside is now colorbar.title.side [#3276]
  • No longer mutate colorscale values into user data [#3341]
  • No longer mutate zmin/zmax, cmin/cmax values into user data [#3341]


  • Fix react when updates trigger a new set of auto-margins [#3323]
  • Fix scattergl coloring when more than 255 marker colors are present [#3328, #3334]
  • More scattergl IE11 fixes [#3333, #3335]
  • Multiple surface rendering fixes [#3281]
  • Correctly default scene.dragmode to 'orbit' when camera up vector is
    tilted [#3256]
  • Fix hover on scatter3d traces with opacity: 1 on Ubuntu [#3301]
  • Fix console error Uncaught ax.dtick error: NaN in gl3d subplots [#3233]
  • Fix histogram hover event triggers when hovering from bar to bar [#3345]
  • Fix graphs with empty and non-empty histogram traces [#3343]
  • Fix contour labels on reversed axes [#3279]
  • Fix autocolorscale toggling [#3341]
  • Fix template support for marker.colorscale [#3341]
  • Fix scatter3D trace with mode: 'lines+markers' with line color array error [#3341]
  • Do not add <base> href to SVG clip paths during toImage [#3272]
  • Fix table scrolling that leaked into window scope [#3327]
  • Fix fills on segment-less marker-less traces [#3282]
  • Fix rangesliders on reversed-range axes [#3304]
  • Fix rangesliders on side: 'top'x-axes [#3329]
  • Fix typed array support for ohlc and candlestick traces [#3342]
  • Fix restyle with impliedEdits on trace with groupby transforms [#3236]
  • Fix editable: true drag on marker colorbars [#3236]
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