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A lowcode CRUD generator - No code required

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Magic is a nocode/lowcode CRUD generator that allows you to generate CRUD apps 100% automatically. In addition it is a complete open source cloud platform and IDE, allowing you to create your own virtualized cloud on top of your own server, and/or other cloud systems, editing your code from your phone if required. Magic is professionally maintained by Aista. Below is a screenshot of an app built in 5 minutes using our nocode CRUD generator. Try the app here.

Lowcode and nocode CRUD generator

Magic works by reading meta data from your database, for then to automatically generate a complete backend nocode CRUD API for you. The resuling CRUD API is secured automatically, and Magic takes care of authentication, authorisation, user management, and everything else that's difficult. Afterwards you can optionally generate a CRUD datagrid giving you a full stack web app as the screenshot above illustrates.

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TL;TR - You can create closed source applications with Magic, but you can not close Magic itself.

The frontend dashboard is licensed under the terms of the GPL version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation - While the backend is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. What this implies, is that you can freely use Magic as you see fit, also in your own proprietary and closed source applications - However, if you modify any of its plugins, and or the dashboard frontend, you'll have to publish your changes to anyone requesting your changes.

To sum up each license.

  • All NuGet packages are LGPL3
  • The backend folder is MIT
  • The frontend folder is GPL3

See the enclosed LICENSE files within each folder, and/or plugin if in doubt.

Copyright(c) Aista, Ltd 2019 - 2022,