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Unofficial app for Linux
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unofficial Desktop app for Linux

Version: 0.01


Welcome! This is an unofficial version of electron app. Since NotionHQ is busy doing other amazing feature developments, Linux is low on its priority. Here is the tweet from them explaining that

Hey we don't want to release on platforms that we cannot ensure the quality – the team is still small and we don't use Linux ourselves

— Notion (@NotionHQ) September 26, 2017

So I decided to build my own app using nativefier

Here is how it looks


Simply clone this repo and run


Native Notion

To get native Notion app running with offline capabilities, you can use this guide:


looks stunning in actual usage:

  • Everything you would expect from Windows or Mac application except offline use

    • However there are ways to use windows app using this code to have offline capabilities ( here is how you can do that )
    • I'll add a script to automatically install native Notion with all these capabilities soon
  • Tray icon

Thanks to sysdrum, I used some of his code and improved upon it


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