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unofficial Desktop app for Linux

Version: 0.05.1


Welcome! This is an unofficial version of electron app. Since NotionHQ is busy doing other amazing feature developments, Linux is low on its priority. Here is the tweet from them explaining that

Hey we don't want to release on platforms that we cannot ensure the quality – the team is still small and we don't use Linux ourselves

— Notion (@NotionHQ) September 26, 2017

So I decided to build my own app using nativefier

Here is how it looks


Is it your first time finding out about the Notion app?

Use this link to sign up and get ready to manage your life like you have never managed before (

⚠️ NOTE ⚠️

Before you go ahead and install Lotion, I've found a better implementation called notion-linux by davidbailey00 which works seamlessly via apt/yum installers. You can try it out and if that solution works for you please use that instead.

If you want a portable version, or do not wish to install for all users in that case you can try out Lotion, the web version is lightweight and in my usage a little bit faster than native versions.


Download setup script

# Or
curl >

# Make the script executable
chmod +x

# Run (with sudo for global installation, without sudo for local installation)
[sudo] ./ native
# Or for web installation
[sudo] ./ web

To install into a specific directory (creating a portable linux install) clone the repository and run this in the folder:


During set up select web or native. The native version supports offline mode while the web version is the most up to date Notion web client.

If the script has errors or you would like to install manually, you can refer to these instructions.


looks stunning in actual usage:

- Everything you would expect from Windows or Mac application
  • Here are the instructions to manually install natively if the installer script doesn't work.
  • Tray icon

Thanks to sysdrum, I used some of his code and improved upon it



Login issues

At this point the web version does not support Google SSO logins, this is an issue with Google, they have stopped allowing login from unidentified browser. Earlier this could have been solved by adding a useragent, but now Google is doing sophisticated checks (and rightly so), making it harder for us to bypass. The only solution is to implement our own oAuth, which would require extreme amount of work. So a simple solution to this issue is, use email address image

you will be emailed by Notion a login code that you can use to login.

Some helpful issue threads for this problem: Google issue, Apple issue

Other way to not have this issue is to use Native version of this app.