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Awesome Quasar Awesome

A list of awesome things related to Quasar


Official Resources

External Resources

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Official Community

Local Communities


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Projects Using Quasar

Name Links Description Quasar
Alighieri github, website A distraction-free writer tool v0.14
P.volve website Video workout subscription, landing pages, also includes weight tracking, photo upload, etc. for subscribers v0.15.9
Brotheld android, ios Brotheld (Bread Hero), a german app for hobby bakers v0.14
MyClinic android, ios Application for displaying and managing medical clinic examination room status v0.14
Weacast github, website Open source platform to gather, expose and make use of weather forecast data v0.13.10
CryptoPrice github, android An app to inform us of price (USD & EUR) of the main crypto-coins v0.14.4
Quran App website, android Quran Lite with English translation v0.14.4
SHUhelper github, website Open source university online community and toolkits v0.14.7
2018 Quarterly Tax Estimator android, iOS, Mac App Store Estimates quarterly taxes and taxes to save per paycheck v0.14
Go2See website Russian online travel service v0.14.7
Guitar Workshop website E-commerce shop, library, streaming video player, real time chat v0.15.9
Karrot (Foodsaving Worldwide) github, website A web-app to support foodsaving groups worldwide, with the goal to save our common resources as much as possible v0.14.8
onvif-nvt-snapshot-vue-sample github An onvif-nvt (package) sample project for snapshots and PTZ using Vue 2.5 and Quasar 0.14.7 v0.14.7
Banimatic website Web banner generator v0.14.1
Finca Report website/android/ios Sistema de informacion para el cultivo de palma africana v0.15.3
SoFoot android, ios SO FOOT is an iOS & Android mobile football news application, seen differently. With original and offbeat content, the app is based on real time and smart content feed to make it simple and accessible with a scroll. v0.14.7
PaintTubeTV website Shop, library, streaming video player, real time chat v0.15.9
MyBibou android, ios MyBibou is an iOS & Android mobile application that simplifies the life of parents for successful family outings. The app geolocates users on a map and give them relevant information based on their needs and situation. v0.14.7
Budgex pwa Budget and expense tracker v0.15.1
Booly website A people-matching tool v0.14.6
Takista android, github To Do Lists Manager v0.13.4
Blinga! website, android, ios A points program and guide for selling products and services in cities. v0.14.0
Charging Stations github Charging stations viewer hybrid app v0.14
Carpool 3D website Carpool 3D Truck v0.14.7
The Amusing Development website Portfolio website v0.14.7
Habot github A chatbot for openHAB using machine-learning natural language processing from OpenNLP v0.14.6
TMdb website, github Quasar app with The Movie DB catalog v0.14.7
Take Action android, ios v0.14.5
Voting Daap github E-voting v0.14
Kanttum website Teacher training without complication v0.14.8
Stock Scanner github Working Demo of Barcode/QR code scanner using VueJs+Quasar+Cordova v0.13.4
ShockPro ios Maintenance Interval Tracking v0.12
My Spells website 5e Personal Spellbook v0.13.9
Tigris github Micro-learning for professionals v0.13
Pilgrim and Wanderer's Songbook android, ios Mobile Application Songbooks has been created for one of the biggest Protestant Church. v0.15.12
dockJob github, docker hub Job scheduler with a web UI - designed to run inside a container. v0.15.5
Your Daily Walk website Subscription ecommerce, workout video calendar, streaming video player, real time chat v0.15.9
Chronocross android Productivity tool that combines Pomodoro Technique and Eisenhower Matrix. v0.15.10
Jornal Pelicano android Mobile application for a Navy Web Journal v0.14.1
Vuenote github Vuenote is the simplest note app. v0.15.10
Sifà pwa Social platform for buyer groups v0.15.10
Realworld Conduit github Medium.com clone v0.15.10
vue-quasar-admin website,github admin-dashboard v0.15.14
letsbutterfly(tm) pwa Real estate platform in your pocket. https://letsbutterfly.com v0.15.10
quasar-documentation++ github All-in-one Quasar Documentation v0.16.0
Dolphin Note website A Simple and Elegant markdown note application. v0.15.14
Quicknote website A Simple and Elegant markdown quicknote DApp. v0.15.14
T9N Manager website Translation manager for developers v0.16.0
Kicktrack website, Android, iOS Foosball score keeper v0.16.0
Musical Data website Access Spotify's data of your favorite music. v0.16.0
Nebide website Cross-platform Nebulas smart contract IDE. v0.16.0
Nick Zuccarelli website A portfolio website for Nick Zuccarelli (a.k.a: me!) v0.16.0
jQuizzer android Simple Java 8 Quiz / Trainer App v0.16.0
SA Email Builder website Email template builder 2 v0.17.10
Boid.com website A blockchain based social computing platform. Homepage and web/electron app are pure Quasar. v0.16.4
Dappos Ethereum POS github, website A Point of Sale (POS) app like Square! For Ethereum payments. Open in a Mobile wallet and receive customer's payments with an intuitive UI. v0.17
INTI website Online white-label ticketing system with CRM and custom Applications Latest
Movie Scores: Find great movies ios, android, mac, windows, website Find out if a movie is any good, instantly. Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes & IMDb ratings in one place v0.17.0
Fastient PWA A journaling and stats tracking application for extended fasts. v0.17.10
Squync SPA Music library. v0.14
CidadeMOB pwa, android, ios (Brazil) Application that offers services of the city hall for citizens v0.17.13
GH Follower android Simple app to get push notifications on a GitHub repository new release v0.17.5
Omnia Livestream SPA Free & affordable livestream provider for churches and ministries. Livestream to your website, Facebook, and YouTube, worldwide CDN, and Auto-Archiving. v0.15.14
Romi PWA, Android eCommerce applications v0.17.9
Blockswing website A cryptocurrency trading simulation. v0.17.16
Just Go Vote! website/PWA, ios, android App makes it easier for people to vote, and encourages them to do so in the upcoming mid-terms. v0.17.17

Community Components and Tools

Name Links Description Quasar
Quasar calendar github A full calendar display in multiple formats that accepts event data and display it in month, week, multi-day, single day and agenda views v0.15.6
Laqu-l github A complete starter kit that allows you create amazing apps that look native thanks to the Quasar Framework. Powered by an API developed in Laravel Framework using the easy GraphQL queries language. And ready to use the Google Firebase features. v0.15.10
Quasar Cloud github An online file manager project (like dropbox) showing usage of axios, vuex, validation, authentication v0.15.10