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1. Setup

Chris Dijkshoorn edited this page Jun 13, 2016 · 7 revisions

Below the instructions for setting up Accurator on a mac or linux machine.

Setup webserver

Install latest SWI-Prolog development release:

Clone the Cliopatria webserver code in a suitable directory:

$ cd git
$ git clone

Create a folder for the accurator server:

$ cd ..
$ mkdir accurator
$ cd accurator

Now configure this directory as a ClioPatria project by running:

$ ../git/ClioPatria/configure

You can now run the web server using the command below:

$ ./

Use your web browser to navigate to the server management interface at localhost:3020 and add an admin account.

Setup Accurator package

Install the Accurator cpacks by typing the following in the console:

?- cpack_install(accurator).

Congratulations! If everything went well you now have a server with accurator functionallity running at localhost:3020/intro.html. Typing 'halt.' in the console will stop the server.

In collection data you will learn how to load data on the server.