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3. Taxonomies

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Accurator relies on taxonomies for expertise elicitation, recommending artworks to annotate, annotation field autocompletion and subset selection. We explain how to load a taxonomy and how to select concepts from a taxonomy to be used in autocompletion.

Load taxonomy

Accurator can handle taxonomies and vocabularies defined in RDF. Below we show how to download the Iconclass taxonomy and load it, continuing from collection data:

$ ../data
$ mkdir iconclass
$ cd iconclass
$ wget

Loading the data after starting the server:

$ cd ..
$ ./
?- rdf_load('../data/iconclass/iconclass.20121019.nt.gz', [graph(]).

You just downloaded and loaded the Iconclass taxonomy.

Create concept subset

Most likely not all concepts in a taxonomy will be suitable for autocompletion in the context of a specific domain. Accurator allows to create subsets of concepts in taxonomies by adding them to a skos concept scheme. We provide multiple options for selecting a subset of the concepts in

  • type_concept_scheme - make concepts of the specified type part of the concept scheme
  • iconclass_code_concept_scheme - make concepts with the specified Iconclass code or below part of a concept scheme

For example, to create a concept scheme that contains biblical figures, we use the biblical figures as defined in the Bible Ontology:

type_concept_scheme('', '', 'concept_scheme_bible_figure.ttl').

Now you have created a concept scheme for bible figures in '' using the Bible Ontology.

To make concepts with code 7 (Bible) or below in the Iconclass vocabulary part of the concept scheme '', run the following code:


By running these commands, you have now created a concept scheme for bible themes using the Iconclass vocabulary.

You now loaded the collection data and a taxonomy, next we will explain how to specify an annotation domain, bringing the two together.