Python module for retrieving current and historical photos from Google Street View
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This is a light module for downloading photos from Google street view. The functions allow you to retrieve current and old photos. Google does have an API for accessing Street View. However, it does not allow you to access old photos. Their javascript API allows you to download segments of current photos. This API also allows you to download each full panorama as you see it on Google Street View.

Please note, Google does not maintain the access points used by this API for public use. Therefore, this hack may break if Google makes changes to how Street View works.


Install from pip with:

pip install git+

Quick start

The photos on Google street view are panoramas. Each parnorama has it's own unique ID. Retrieving photos is a two step process. First, you must translate GPS coordinates into panorama IDs. The following code retrieves a list of the closest panoramas.

import streetview
panoids = streetview.panoids(lat=-33.85693857571269, lon=151.2144895142714)

The list contains their ID, exact coordinates, and the year and month the photo was taken if known:

  'lat': -33.8568510378028,
  'panoid': u'aX3nhhCruYOr-i1vSef13Q',
  'lon': 151.2145143359253},
  'lat': -33.85702709988117,
  'panoid': u'OH7ReEUauWGKYqUwff4csA',
  'lon': 151.2144704271479},
  'lat': -33.85696902229012,
  'panoid': u'73qGSwuFKWAAAAQXLB3qpA',
  'year': 2014,
  'lon': 151.2143939813708,
  'month': 6},
  'lat': -33.85698122751459,
  'panoid': u'FE62TMqVMXwAAAQo8C4L6A',
  'year': 2015,
  'lon': 151.214408211074,
  'month': 5},
  'lat': -33.85694092862602,
  'panoid': u'pTWGmeN8LTgAAAQqT_-Ekg',
  'year': 2015,
  'lon': 151.2144308896659,
  'month': 6},
  'lat': -33.85693857571269,
  'panoid': u'pV6jtRc157XZtWpVIR-rtg',
  'year': 2015,
  'lon': 151.2144895142714,
  'month': 12}

You can then use the panorama ids to download photos with the following function:

streetview.api_download(panoid, heading, flat_dir, key)


Full documentation is at docs/build/html/index.html