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Releases: root-project/jsroot


08 Nov 10:27
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  1. Fix - prevent glitch when enabling projection via context menu
  2. Fix - multi.json request parsing
  3. Fix - decoding of multipart message (#250)
  4. Fix - use alpha channel for TColor when intended
  5. Backport - let specify settings.PreferSavedPoints to force usage of saved TF1 points


11 Aug 11:01
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  1. Use TAxis attributes in lego plots - ticks/labels/title colors, sizes, offsets
  2. Correctly resize stats box when number of lines changes
  3. Support JSROOT usage with yarn and webpack
  4. Provide FileProxy class to let read ROOT files from arbitrary place
  5. Let 'hook' save file functionality to use alternative method to store image files
  6. Implement 'tabs' layout for objects display (#238)
  7. Upgrade d3.js to version 7.6.1
  8. Fix - adjust pad margins when moving palette and frame


20 Jul 08:40
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  1. Fix - let modify geo node visibility bits via context menu
  2. Fix - context menu position adjusting
  3. Fix - tree_draw.js example, export treeDraw function from main.mjs
  4. Fix - TH3 scatter plot with large number of bins converted to box2
  5. Fix - create geo css entries also when expand object in hierarchy (#240)


09 Jun 06:50
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  1. Let change settings and gStyle parameters via "Settings" menu of the top hierarchy item
  2. Settings and gStyle can be stored as cookies, automatically read when next time loading webpage
  3. settings.OnlyLastCycle defines if only last object version shown in TFile (also as &lastcycle URL parameter)
  4. settings.DarkMode configures dark mode for GUI and drawings (also as &dark URL parameter)
  5. Support new TGraph2DAsymmErrors class
  6. Support gStyle.fOptDate and gStyle.fOptFile (also as &optdate and &optfile URL parameter)
  7. Support gStyle.fDateX and gStyle.fDateY used for positioning date and file on canvas
  8. Support gStyle.fHistTopMargin (also as &histmargin=value URL parameter)
  9. Let save frame, title and stats properties to gStyle via correspondent context menus
  10. Support majority of special symbols in TMathText
  11. Fix several issues with TPaveText


01 Jun 12:16
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  1. Fix - TH2 arrow drawing
  2. Fix - interactive change of fonts attributes
  3. Fix - proper draw results of TTree::Draw
  4. Fix - draw new histogram on same canvas


21 Apr 08:11
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  1. Fix problem with irregular axis labels
  2. Correctly scale and tilt large number of axes labels


14 Apr 08:56
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  1. Use ES6 modules for code organization
  2. Rewrite code with ES6 classes; one have to use class syntax to derive from it
  3. Upgrade d3.js to 7.3.0, three.js to r138
  4. Fully remove jQuery and jQueryUI, replace by plain HTML/JavaScript
  5. Remove "collapsible" and "tabs" layouts which were implemented with jQuery - use "flex" instead
  6. Improve flexible layout, provide context menu with cascading, tiling, selecting frames
  7. Use BigInt in I/O with 64bit integer which can not be stored as plain Number
  8. Starting from Chrome 96, allow embedding WebGL into SVG - solving problem with lego plots in canvas
  9. Implement all variants of CANDLE and VIOLIN draw options (#194)
  10. Implement "circular" and "chord" draw options for TH2
  11. Implement "cjust" draw option when drawing color palette
  12. Implement "colhz" draw option to plot horizontal color palette
  13. Implement "pads" draw option for THStack
  14. In TF1/TF2 always try to use formula, only when fail - apply saved buffer
  15. Add many standard functions to math like "crystalball_pdf", "gaussian_pdf", "tdistribution_pdf"
  16. Improve drawing of TEfficiency, support 2D case
  17. Support new TGraphMultiErrors class
  18. Let disable TGraph dragging via settings.DragGraphs flag (#224)
  19. Correctly display extra data from TGraphQQ
  20. Implement "3d" draw options for TMultiGraph
  21. Support "A" hist option (do not draw axis) in lego/surf plots
  22. Support drawing of TGeo and TAxis3D objects inside TPad
  23. Implement proper drawing of TEllipse
  24. Add proper support of "Symbols" and "Wingdings" fonts
  25. Make "col" default draw option for TH2 in JSROOT gui


15 Feb 13:22
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  1. Fix bug in handling superimposing items via URL syntax
  2. Enable geometry clipping in node.js
  3. Upgrade node.js packages
  4. Let draw TGeo object inside TCanvas
  5. Let superimpose TPolyLine3D and TPolyMarker3D with TGeo drawing
  6. Fix plain #sum and #int parsing in TLatex
  7. Fix ticks position for axes with labels


26 Jan 17:39
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  1. Fix TEfficiency drawing
  2. Provide TPadPainter.divide method
  3. Fix browsing remote file via THttpServer
  4. Fix lego draw update while zooming


13 Dec 16:59
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  1. Fix bug in TH1 drawing when minimum or/and maximum was configured for histogram