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This page describes drv-netif-netmap.

drv-netif-netmap is a netmap network interface for rump kernels. The combined result is a TCP/IP stack doing packet I/O via netmap.

Build instructions

If your netmap headers are not in /usr/include, set the env variable NETMAPINCS to point to the right place, e.g. export NETMAPINCS=/home/pooka/netmap/sys. Then run:

  • git submodule update --init
  • ./ -T rumptools -s rumpsrc
  • (cd libnetmapif ; ../rumptools/rumpmake dependall && ../rumptools/rumpmake install)

Use examples

Go to examples and compile with make. Then configure one TCP/IP stack with the address, another with the address, and connect them to each other via the VALE virtual switch:

  • ./netmapcat vale:1 listen 1
  • ./netmapcat vale:2 connect 1

Observe whatever you type in the latter terminal magically(?) appear in the other one.

By replacing vale:x with a real interface name, e.g. ix0, you should be able to bind to a physical network interface and access the wire.