A list of programming languages implemented in Rust, for inspiration.
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Langs In Rust

This is a (probably incomplete) list of programming languages implemented in Rust. It is maintained by the Ruse project as a source of inspiration and comparison, and for others as a directory of potentially interesting projects in this vein.

Maintained Languages

  • Rust: Rust is implemented in itself.
  • Ruse: Of course! An embedded Scheme for Rust.
  • Dyon: Implemented by the Piston team. Dyon is a dynamically-typed scripting language that uses Rust's lifetime system rather than garbage collection.
  • Ketos: A Lisp-like scripting and extension language. Compiles to bytecode which is then interpreted.
  • Rhai: Rhai is an embedded scripting language for Rust.
  • Gluon: Gluon is a small, statically-typed, functional programming language designed for application embedding.
  • rust-prolog: Rust implementation of prolog based on SML miniprolog

Unmaintained Languages

  • lang: A C-like language implemented for learning purposes.
  • embed_lang: A compiler and virtual machine for a simple embedded language.
  • iron-lang: A Lisp-like language, not to be confused with Iron, the Rust web framework.
  • rust-lisp: A minimal mix of Common Lisp and Scheme.
  • lisp.rs: lis.py ported to Rust.
  • radicle: An Ur-Lisp interpreter based on Paul Graham's "Roots of Lisp" (very old)