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Embedded Rust


This is a curated list of resources related to embedded and low-level programming in the programming language Rust, including a list of useful crates.

This project is developed and maintained by the Resources team.

Table of contents


In 2018 Rust community has created an embedded workgroup to help drive adoption in the Rust ecosystem.

  • Embedded WG, including newsletters with progress updates.

  • You can usually find the members of the embedded WG on the #rust-embedded channel (server:

  • Telegram chat about Rust for microcontrollers in Russian language.

Books, blogs and training materials

  • Discovery by @rust-embedded — this book is an introductory course on microcontroller-based embedded systems that uses Rust as the teaching language. Original author: @japaric
  • Cortex-M Quickstart by @japaric – a template and introduction to embedded Rust, suitable for developers familiar to embedded development but new to embedded Rust.
  • Exploring Rust on Teensy by @branan — Beginner set of articles on getting into embedded dev in Rust.
  • Pragmatic Bare Metal Rust A starter article about starting Rust development on STM32 microcontrollers (cubeMX + FFI).
  • Using Rust in an Embedded Project: A Simple Example Article and some links on setting up Rust cross-compiling.
  • Robigalia general purpose robust operating system in Rust running on secure seL4 microkernel.
  • Tock An embedded operating system designed for running multiple concurrent, mutually distrustful applications on low-memory and low-power microcontrollers
  • intermezzOS A small teaching operating system in Rust. A book with some explanations is also included.
  • Raspberry Pi Bare Metal Programming with Rust
  • Fearless concurrency by @japaric — How to easily develop Rust programs for pretty much any ARM Cortex-M microcontroller with memory-safe concurrency.
  • RTFM v2 Real-Time For the Masses — Cortex-M programming framework for building concurrent applications.
  • cortex-m rtfm RTFM framework for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers
  • msp430 rtfm RTFM framework for MSP430 MCUs
  • Rust interface for the FreeRTOS API
  • MicroRust Introductory book for embedded development in Rust on the micro:bit.
  • Physical Computing With Rust A (WIP) guide to physical computing with Rust on the Raspberry Pi.


  • xargo Rust package manager with support for non-default std libraries — build rust runtime for your own embedded system.
  • svd2rust Generate Rust structs with register mappings from SVD files.
  • μtest unit testing for microcontrollers and other no-std systems.
  • embedded-hal-mock Mock implementation of embedded-hal traits for testing without accessing real hardware. -
  • bindgen Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C and C++ libraries. -
  • cortex-m semihosting Semihosting for ARM Cortex-M processors
  • bobbin-cli A Rust command line tool to simplify embedded development and deployment.
  • cargo-fel4 A Cargo subcommand for working with feL4 projects. -

Device crates

Register definition for microcontroller families. Usually generated using svd2rust. -

NOTE You may be able to find even more device crates by searching for the svd2rust keyword on!


  • atsamd21 Peripheral access API for Microchip (formerly Atmel) SAMD21 microcontrollers. This git repo hosts both the device crate and the hal.


  • nrf51 Peripheral access API for nRF51 microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust) -



  • stm32f042 -
  • stm32f103xx Peripheral access API for STM32F103XX microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust) -
  • stm32f100xx Peripheral access API for STM32F100XX microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust) -
  • stm32f30x Peripheral access API for STM32F30X microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust) -
  • stm32f429 Peripheral access API for STM32F429 microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust) -
  • stm32f469xx Peripheral access API for STM32f469XX microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust)
  • stm32l151 -

Texas Instruments

  • tm4c123x Peripheral access API for TM4C123x microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust)
  • tm4c129x Peripheral access API for TM4C129x microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust)


  • msp430g2553 Peripheral access API for MSP430G2553 microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust)
  • rust on msp Simple blinking LED example that runs on MSP430.
  • msp430 quickstart some examples for msp430

HAL implementation crates

Implementations of embedded-hal for microcontroller families and systems running some OS. -

NOTE You may be able to find even more HAL implementation crates by searching for the embedded-hal-impl and embedded-hal keywords on!




Also check the list of NXP board support crates!


Also check the list of STMicroelectronics board support crates!

Texas Instruments


Silicon Labs

  • tomu-hal
    • HAL implementation targeted for Tomu USB board with EFM32HG309F64 ARMv6-M core. Has support to configure tomu bootloader directly from application via toboot_config macro.

Architecture support crates

Crates tailored for general CPU architectures.


  • cortex-m Low level access to Cortex-M processors -
  • cortex-a Low level access to Cortex-A processors (early state) -

Board support crates

Crates tailored for specific boards.




  • prussia - SDK for the PlayStation 2.


Texas Instruments

  • stellaris-launchpad - For the Texas Instruments Stellaris Launchpad and Tiva-C Launchpad
  • monotron - A 1980s home-computer style application for the Texas Instruments Stellaris Launchpad. PS/2 keyboard input, text output on a bit-bashed 800x600 VGA signal. Uses menu, vga-framebuffer and pc-keyboard.

Special Purpose

  • betafpv-f3 - For the BetaFPV F3 drone flight controller

Driver crates

Platform agnostic crates to interface external components. These crates use the embedded-hal interface to support all the devices and systems that implement the embedded-hal traits.

The list below contains drivers developed as part of the Weekly Driver initiative and that have achieved the "released" status (published on + documentation / short blog post).

  1. L3GD20 - SPI - Gyroscope - Intro blog post -
  2. LSM303DLHC - I2C - Accelerometer + compass (magnetometer) - Intro blog post -
  3. MCP3008 - SPI - 8 channel 10-bit ADC - Intro blog post -
  4. ENC28J60 - SPI - Ethernet controller - Intro blog post -
  5. MCP3425 - I2C - 16-bit ADC - Intro blog post -
  6. SGP30 - I2C - Gas sensor - Intro blog post -
  7. HTS221 - I2C - Humidity and temperature sensor - Intro blog post -
  8. SSD1306 - I2C/SPI - OLED display controller - Intro blog post -
  9. MMA7660FC - I2C - 3-axis accelerometer - Intro blog post
  10. shift-register-driver - GPIO - Shift register - Intro blog post -
  11. TSL256X - I2C - Light Intensity Sensor - Intro blog post -
  12. EEPROM24x - I2C - 24x series serial EEPROM driver - Intro blog post -
  13. DS1307 - I2C - Real-time clock driver - Intro blog post -
  14. keypad - GPIO - Keypad matrix circuits - Intro post -
  15. BlueNRG - SPI - driver for BlueNRG-MS Bluetooth module - Intro post
  16. shared-bus - I2C - utility driver for sharing a bus between multiple devices - Intro post
  17. TMP006 - I2C - Contact-less infrared (IR) thermopile temperature sensor driver - Intro post

NOTE You may be able to find even more driver crates by searching for the embedded-hal-driver keyword on!


Work in progress drivers. Help the authors make these crates awesome!

  • MFRC522 - SPI - RFID tag reader/writer
  • MPU9250 - SPI - Accelerometer + gyroscope + compass
  • motor-driver - Motor drivers: L298N, TB6612FNG, etc.
  • MAG3110 - I2C - Magnetometer
  • SI5351 - I2C - clock generator
  • SI7021 - I2C - Humidity and temperature sensor
  • MAX7219 - SPI - LED display driver
  • DS3231 - I2C - real time clock
  • BH1750 - I2C - ambient light sensor (lux meter)
  • SHT2x - I2C - temperature / humidity sensors
  • INA260 - I2C - power monitor -
  • ILI9341 - SPI - TFT LCD display
  • HD44780 - Parallel port - LCD controller
  • HD44780-driver - GPIO - LCD controller -
  • MCP9808 - I2C - Temperature sensor -
  • AXP209 - I2C - Power management unit
  • DS3234 - SPI - Real time clock
  • PCD8544 - SPI - 48x84 pixels matrix LCD controller
  • PCD8544_rich - SPI - Rich driver for 48x84 pixels matrix LCD controller -
  • HC-SR04 - DIO - Ultrasound sensor
  • AFE4400 - SPI - Pulse oximeter
  • SX1278 - SPI - Long range (LoRa) transceiver
  • RFM69 - SPI - ISM radio transceiver
  • LS010B7DH01 - SPI - Memory LCD
  • MAX31855 - SPI - Thermocouple digital converter
  • MAX31865 - SPI - RTD to Digital converter -
  • SHT3x - I2C - Temperature / humidity sensors
  • SX1509 - I2C - IO Expander / Keypad driver
  • NRF24L01 - SPI - 2.4 GHz wireless communication
  • embedded-nrf24l01 - SPI+GPIO - 2.4 GHz radio
  • stm32-eth - MCU - Ethernet
  • bme680 - I2C - Temperature / humidity / gas / pressure sensor -
  • w5500 - SPI - Ethernet Module with hardwired protocols : TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE -
  • OneWire - 1wire - OneWire protocol implementation with drivers for devices such as DS18B20 -
  • SSD1322 - SPI - Graphical OLED display controller -
  • GridEYE - I2C - Rust driver for Grid-EYE / Panasonic AMG88(33) -
  • PCF857x - I2C - I/O expanders: PCF8574, PCF8574A, PCF8575
  • eink-waveshare - SPI - driver for E-Paper Modules from Waveshare
  • xCA9548A - I2C - I2C switches/multiplexers: TCA9548A, PCA9548A -
  • SSD1351 - SPI - 16bit colour OLED display driver -
  • VEML6070 - I2C - UVA light sensor -
  • VEML6075 - I2C - UVA and UVB light sensor -
  • LM75 - I2C - Temperature sensor and thermal watchdog -
  • MAX44009 - I2C - Ambient light sensor -
  • TCS3472 - I2C - RGB color light sensor -
  • TMP1x2 - I2C - Temperature sensors: TMP102, TMP112x -
  • DS323x - I2C/SPI - Real-time clocks (RTC): DS3231, DS3232 and DS3234 -
  • ADS1x1x - I2C - 12/16-bit ADCs like ADS1013, ADS1015, ADS1115, etc. -
  • pwm-pca9685 - I2C - 16-channel, 12-bit PWM/Servo/LED controller -
  • AS5048A - SPI - AMS AS5048A Magnetic Rotary Encoder

no-std crates

#![no_std] crates designed to run on resource constrained devices.

  • bit_field: manipulating bitfields and bitarrays -
  • bluetooth-hci: device-independent Bluetooth Host-Controller Interface implementation.
  • combine: parser combinator library -
  • console-traits: Describes a basic text console. Used by menu and implemented by vga-framebuffer.
  • embedded-graphics: 2D drawing library for any size display -
  • heapless: provides Vec, String, LinearMap, RingBuffer backed by fixed-size buffers -
  • intrusive-collections: intrusive (non-allocating) singly/doubly linked lists and red-black trees -
  • managed: provides ManagedSlice, ManagedMap backed by either their std counterparts or fixed-size buffers for #![no_std]. -
  • menu: A basic command-line interface library. Has nested menus and basic help functionality.
  • nalgebra: general-purpose and low-dimensional linear algebra library -
  • nom: parser combinator framework -
  • pc-keyboard: A PS/2 keyboard protocol driver. Transport (bit-banging or SPI) agnostic, but can convert Set 2 Scancodes into Unicode.
  • qei : A qei wrapper that allows you to extend your qei timers from a 16 bit integer to a 64 bit integer. -
  • register-rs: Unified interface for MMIO and CPU registers. Provides type-safe bitfield manipulation. -
  • scroll: extensible and endian-aware Read/Write traits for generic containers -
  • smoltcp: a small TCP/IP stack that runs without alloc
  • vga-framebuffer: A VGA signal generator and font renderer for VGA-less microcontrollers. Used by Monotron to generate 48 by 36 character display using 3 SPI peripherals and a timer.
  • biquad: A library for creating second order IIR filters for signal processing based on Biquads, where both a Direct Form 1 (DF1) and Direct Form 2 Transposed (DF2T) implementation is available.


Work in progress crates. Help the authors make these crates awesome!

  • light-cli: a lightweight heapless cli interface
  • OxCC: A port of Open Source Car Control written in Rust

Rust forks


  • AVR Rust Fork of Rust with AVR support.

Firmware projects

  • anne-key: Alternate keyboard firmware for the Obins ANNE Pro


This list is licensed under

Code of Conduct

Contribution to this crate is organized under the terms of the Rust Code of Conduct, the maintainer of this crate, the HAL team, promises to intervene to uphold that code of conduct.