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Awesome YNAB

A list of awesome YNAB projects. A lot of these projects use the YNAB API, and can be used to improve your YNAB experience.


  • Cents for YNAB iOS app to manage your budget and visualize your spending habits

  • Toolkit for YNAB Toolkit for YNAB is a browser extension that enhances your experience with the YNAB Web Application.

  • Fintech to YNAB Automatically push transactions into YNAB from Monzo, Starling and 12 other banks.

  • Allowance for YNAB Allowance for YNAB is a companion app to the You Need a Budget service that allows you to select the categories you are most interested in and display them in places where you can, at a glance, see your available balances and make better spending decisions.

  • Beyond Rule 4 turns your YNAB data into a chart that shows how far along you are in your journey to financial independence.

  • Multi Currency Lets you budget with multiple currencies in a single budget.

  • An online debt snowball/avalanche planner with direct YNAB syncronization.

  • YNAB Balance Shortcut - Have Siri tell you a YNAB budget category balance

  • YNAB - Linker This app allows you to auto-import transactions made with a virtual card to a specific YNAB budget / category.

  • Sync for YNAB Connecting YNAB to UK Banks

  • AMEX YNAB Import This tool lets you import all transactions from American Express with just one command, saving you 5-10 minutes a day.

  • Automated Serverless Stock Updates Serverless function to track and automatically update stock investment account balance in YNAB.

  • Command line interface for YNAB Easy access to all parts of the YNAB API from your terminal

  • SMS Alerts Notify others when transactions have been added to YNAB

  • ynab-a-day A simple and customizable YNAB daily report for your significant other who doesn't care about budgeting, but whom you care about keeping informed.

  • bank2ynab Automatically detects your export CSV format and converts it into a YNAB CSV file. 50+ banks already supported. This project consolidates many other projects into a standardized approach.

  • You Need A Parser Convert CSV files from a variety of (German, for now) banks and apps into a format that can easily be imported into You Need A Budget. YNAP is free and open-source and your files never leave your browser.

  • You Need a Mint Import Apple Card transactions in real time; no waiting for monthly statements!

  • GoodBudget to YNAB Import your GoodBudget transactions into YNAB using the YNAB API.

  • MoneyMoney2YNAB Export your bank transactions from MoneyMoney for easy YNAB import.

  • ynab-bank-importer Pull transactions from your bank and import them to YNAB automatically.

  • firefly-iii "Firefly III" is a (self-hosted) manager for your personal finances. You can also import from bunq, from YNAB, using FinTS or simply by uploading CSV files.

  • SMS to YNAB Android app which parses bank messages that can then be synced with YNAB. Helpful for those who are not able to use the auto import feature from YNAB.

  • Quota for YNAB Quota for YNAB is a helper android app for those who are using YNAB. Users can configure the categories and they can check the available balance in them quickly.

  • YNAB SDK for .net core An SDK for .net core to interact with the YNAB Rest API.

  • bunq2ynab Python script to import transactions from bunq bank to YNAB. Supports listening to messages from bunq so your payments show up in YNAB seconds after you pay.

  • bunq2ynab-go Go script to import transactions from bunq bank to YNAB. Includes support for joint accounts. Used as a CLI.

  • N26-to-YNAB Minimalistic automated system for linking N26 accounts to YNAB, all through their APIs

  • YNAB-reporter YNAB default reports are just too simple. YNAB-reporter provides you a framework to generate your own automated reports. By default it's configured to generate a monthly report for your assets.

  • YNAB Buddy Import (csv) files from any(!) bank directly into your YNAB Budget.

  • Amazon YNAB Sync A mailbox watcher that automatically updates YNAB transaction memos with the Amazon item names

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