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Snowplow Docker Setup

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Snowplow provides official Docker images for the following projects:

Getting started

First off, you need to have Docker installed. For more information check out the installation guide.

Installing the Docker images

You can choose to either:

  1. Pull the Docker images from our registry, or:
  2. Build them yourself

Pulling the Docker images from our registry

Our Docker images are hosted on the docker registry. As a result, you can pull them directly:

# Scala Stream Collector image
docker pull

# Stream Enrich image
docker pull

# Elasticsearch Loader image
docker pull

# S3 Loader image
docker pull

# Iglu Server image
docker pull

Building the Docker images

Alternatively, you can build each image from the Dockerfiles in the repository.

To do so, clone the snowplow-docker repo:

git clone

You can now build each image:

# All images are based on the base image
docker build -t snowplow/base:0.1.0 base

# Scala Stream Collector image
docker build -t snowplow/scala-stream-collector:0.13.0 scala-stream-collector/0.13.0

# Stream Enrich image
docker build -t snowplow/stream-enrich:0.16.1 stream-enrich/0.16.1

# Elasticsearch Loader image
docker build -t snowplow/elasticsearch-loader:0.10.0 elasticsearch-loader/0.10.1

# S3 Loader image
docker build -t snowplow/s3-loader:0.6.0 s3-loader/0.6.0

# Iglu Server image
docker build -t snowplow/iglu-server:0.3.0 iglu-server/0.3.0

Using the images


For each project, please refer to the corresponding setup guide to configure it appropriately:


Once you have your configuration files ready to go for each project, containers can be launched with the following:

# Scala Stream Collector container
docker run \
  -v $PWD/scala-stream-collector-config:/snowplow/config \
  snowplow/scala-stream-collector:0.13.0 \
  --config /snowplow/config/config.hocon

# Stream Enrich
docker run \
  -v $PWD/stream-enrich-config:/snowplow/config \
  snowplow/stream-enrich:0.16.1 \
  --config /snowplow/config/config.hocon \
  --resolver file:/snowplow/config/resolver.json \
  --enrichments file:/snowplow/config/enrichments/ \

# Elasticsearch Loader
docker run \
  -v $PWD/elasticsearch-loader-config:/snowplow/config \
  snowplow/elasticsearch-loader:0.10.1 \
  --config /snowplow/config/config.hocon

# S3 Loader
docker run \
  -v $PWD/s3-loader-config:/snowplow/config \
  snowplow/s3-loader:0.6.0 \
  --config /snowplow/config/config.hocon

# Iglu Server
docker run \
-v ${PWD}/iglu-server-config:/snowplow/config \
snowplow/iglu-server:0.3.0 \ # if you have built the image
# if you have pulled the image
--config /snowplow/config/application.conf
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