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An overview of how EmrEtlRunner instruments the enrichment process

Raw collector logs that need to be processed are identified in the in-bucket. (This is the bucket that the collector log files are generated in: it's location is specified in the EmrEtlRunner config file.)

EmrEtlRunner then triggers the Enrichment process to run. It spins up an EMR cluster (the size of which is determined by the config file), uploads the JAR with the Spark Enrichment process on, and instructs EMR to:

  1. Use S3DistCopy to aggregate the collector log files and write them to HDFS
  2. Run the Enrichment process on those aggregated files in HDFS
  3. Write the output of that Enrichment to the Out-bucket in S3. (As specified in the config file).
  4. When the job has completed, EmrEtlRunner moves the processed collector log files from the in-bucket to the archive bucket. (This, again, is specified in the config file.)

By setting up a scheduling job to run EmrEtlRunner regularly, Snowplow users can ensure that the event data regularly flows through the Snowplow data pipeline from the collector to storage.

Note: many references are made to the 'Hadoop ETL' and 'Hive ETL' in the documentation and the config file. 'Hadoop ETL' refers to the current Spark-based Enrichment Process. 'Hive ETL' refers to the legacy Hive-based ETL process. EmrEtlRunner can be setup to instrument either. However, we recommend all Snowplow users use the Spark based 'Hadoop ETL', as it is much more robust, as well as being cheaper to run.

Stream Enrich mode

In R102 Afontova Gora we added new "Stream Enrich mode" to EmrEtlRunner. In this mode, EmrEtlRunner stages not raw data from Clojure/Cloudfront collector output, but enriched data from Kinesis.

To use this mode you need to have:

  • Configured Snowplow S3 Loader
  • Added new aws.s3.buckets.enriched.stream property in config.yml pointing to S3 Loader's output folder

Latest config.yml sample for Stream Enrich mode is available at snowplow repo.

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