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We want to make it super-easy for Snowplow users and contributors to talk to us and connect with each other, to share ideas, solve problems and help make Snowplow awesome. Here are the main channels we're running currently, we'd love to hear from you on one of them:


Snowplow Discourse Forum

This is for all Snowplow users: engineers setting up Snowplow, data modelers structuring the data and data consumers building insights. You can find guides, recipes, questions and answers from Snowplow users including the Snowplow team.

We welcome questions and contributions!



Follow and chat to us on Twitter.


Snowplow issues

If you spot a bug, then please raise an issue in our main GitHub project (snowplow/snowplow); likewise if you have developed a cool new feature or improvement in your Snowplow fork, then send us a pull request!

If you want to brainstorm a potential new feature, then the Snowplow Google Group (see above) is probably a better place to start.


If you want to talk directly to us (e.g. about a commercially sensitive issue), email is the easiest way.

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