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SUAVE: An Aerospace Vehicle Environment for Designing Future Aircraft

SUAVE is a multi-fidelity conceptual design environment. Its purpose is to credibly produce conceptual-level design conclusions for future aircraft incorporating advanced technologies.

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License: LGPL-2.1

Guides and Forum available at

Contributing Developers

  • Andrew Wendorff
  • Anil Variyar
  • Carlos Ilario
  • Emilio Botero
  • Francisco Capristan
  • Jordan Smart
  • Juan Alonso
  • Luke Kulik
  • Matthew Clarke
  • Michael Colonno
  • Michael Kruger
  • Michael Vegh
  • Pedro Gonçalves
  • Rick Fenrich
  • Tarik Orra
  • Tim MacDonald
  • Tim Momose
  • Tom Economon
  • Trent Lukaczyk
  • Walter Maier

Contributing Institutions

Simple Setup

git clone
cd SUAVE/trunk
python install

More information available at download.


numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pip, scikit-learn

Developer Install

See develop.

Frequently Asked Questions

See FAQ.