This Week in Superpowers #4

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Covering the week of 2016-02-05 to 2016-02-11.

This Week in Superpowers is a weekly report about what's happening in the community!
Superpowers is an open source HTML5 2D+3D game maker featuring real-time collaboration and incredible extensibility.

Community news

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Making our work on Superpowers sustainable

It's been a year and a half since we (Bilou, Pixel-boy and Elisée) started working on Superpowers. Thanks to generous support from the community on Patreon and during early access on Gumroad, we've been able to do it full-time so far. But with our current financial situation, we can't afford to keep going like that for much longer.

So we've been looking for work on the side, to be able to continue this awesome beast of a project... and: good news! Bilou and Elisée have found long-term gigs and Pixel-boy will be doing some contract work soon.

What does that mean? Well, we'll definitely have less time to spend on Superpowers every week. Buuuuut! now we don't have to worry so much about making rent every month, and it's remote work with a pretty flexible schedule so, short of being paid to work on Superpowers itself full-time, it's the best outcome we could hope for!

Thanks again to everyone supporting us. We'll do our very best to keep earning it by releasing cool open source stuff! :)

Work on the desktop app

The launcher has been renamed "desktop app" since it's becoming more than a simple launcher.

There's now a splashscreen during which the app will check for updates automatically.

There were various other improvements, check out the master branch for commits.

Up next is getting the app to automatically install Superpowers Core (server/client stuff) and systems, then adding the user interface for managing your local server! We're getting close to something that can be released...

Upgrading to latest Node.js!

We're now building and recommending that developers build Superpowers with the latest version of Node.js, the 5.x series.

As it turns out, Electron is already shipping with it so we were already (unknowingly) extensively testing it. So might as well run with it everywhere!

Pull requests and other development news

We've had a very busy week with our new jobs as well as work on the desktop app so we didn't get the chance to review many pull requests. Next week we'll be away from home for the Superpowers workshops in Brest, so pull requests might linger for a little while longer. Sorry!

  • @FlorentPoujol fixed a recent Superpowers Game text input fix that introduced a bug

Help wanted! ^_^

There are lots of issues in the various repositories for planned features or bugs to fix. We'd love your help so if something tickles your fancy, comment and ask for guidance if needed. We'll be happy to get you up to speed!

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