Getting Started

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So you just got your TinyG and want to get up and running? Well good news! You are at the right place. The Synthetos Github wiki has all the information you have ever wanted to know about TinyG. However this page will help you get your machine setup and milling.

First Steps.

Getting all your materials into one spot. I was once in the US ARMY and learned (while being yelled at) in basic training that before you go into the field you have to have a "TA50" inspection. What this means is you laid everything you were going to need out before you got going. So this is what we are going to do here.

You will need the following tools / materials to get started setting up your TinyG.


  1. Wire strippers
  2. Small flathead and phillips screw drivers


  1. One TinyG
  2. One power supply. 12v - 30v (24v recommended)
  3. USB Type A (Typical USB printer cable)
  4. One computer (OSX or Windows. Linux can be used but is not included in this guide)
  5. At least one bi-polar stepper motor (Typically, 3 are used for 3 axis mills)


  1. Coolterm - A serial terminal program. (
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