zzz BeagleBone Black AVR Programmer

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Consider these build notes:


var redPin = "P8_12";
var greenPin = "P8_11";
var inputPin = "P8_14";

Wire the Red LED from P8-12 to GND (pins P8 1 and 2 are GND).

Wire the Green LED from P8-11 to GND.

Wire the button between GND and P8-14, with a pullup resistor to 3v3 (pins P8 3 and 4 are 3v3.)


Here are a few places to find Avrdude for different platforms.

Run these command in a terminal from your Mac (Note that this assumed Dropbox is running and synced):

scp ~/Dropbox/Synthetos/avrdude-5.11.1-BBB.tgz root@beaglebone.local:
scp ~/Dropbox/Synthetos/bbb-programmer.tgz root@beaglebone.local:

ssh root@beaglebone.local

Note: bbb-programmer.tgz has a altered copy of /usr/lib/node_modules/bonescript/index.js in it. If bonescript is updated, that may cause problems.

Now you should be connected to the beaglebone, the rest of the commands in that terminal will go to the BBB:

cd /
tar xzvf ~/avrdude-5.11.1-BBB.tgz
tar xzvf ~/bbb-programmer.tgz
opkg update
opkg install kernel-module-ftdi-sio
opkg install libftdi-dev

Now you should be able to go to Cloud9, open programmer.js and run it.

Once you've verified proper operation, to deploy the BB as a programmer, move the programmer.js script into the autorun folder. You can do that with Cloud9 or in the terminal with this command:

mv /var/lib/cloud9/{programmer.js,autorun/}

###Changing the hostname

Run this command on the BBB comand line (sss'd in) to change the hostname to bbb-prog:

perl -pi -e 's/beaglebone/bbb-prog/' /etc/host{name,s}

You can change bbb-prog to another name is you wish, as long as it's a valid hostname. (No spaces, mostly.)

Warning: This will change the hostname to bbb-prog after reset or reboot of the BBB. To log in from this point on, the new ssh command is:

ssh root@bbb-prog.local

All scp command will change beaglebone.local to bbb-prog.local as well.

Making AVRDude

Please use the precompiled binary in Dropbox. There are the instructions needed to build it.

To be clear, if you use the binary from Dropbox, you do not need to follow these instructions.

Notes: https://github.com/todbot/ArduinoOnBeagleBone


opkg install libftdi-dev
#opkg install libusb-1.0-dev

Download and install:

wget http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/avrdude/avrdude-5.11.1.tar.gz
tar xavf avrdude-5.11.1.tar.gz
cd avrdude-5.11.1

To get bison working (maybe):

mkdir -p /build/v2012.12/build/tmp-angstrom_v2012_12-eglibc/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/
ln -s /usr/bin/m4 /build/v2012.12/build/tmp-angstrom_v2012_12-eglibc/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/m4

Then you can make:


Manually calling avrdude

If you wish to just call avrdude directly, you can use the following command line:

export TINYG=path_to_tinyg.hex
export XBOOT=path_to_xboot.hex
avrdude -q -c avrisp2 -p atxmega192a3 -P usb -u -U flash:w:${TINYG} -U boot:w:${XBOOT} -U fuse0:w:0xFF:m -U fuse1:w:0x00:m -U fuse2:w:0xBE:m -U fuse4:w:0xFE:m -U fuse5:w:0xEB:m

WARNING: This assumes the fuses are the same as shown. Double check them!

This also assumes you're using an AVR ISP MkII. Adjust the -c avrisp2 as appropriate.

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