TInyGv8g BeagleBone Black Test Rig Operation

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BeagleBone Black Setup

Board Programming Instructions

These must be done before operating the tester Make sure the programmer is properly set up. See Programmer Setup

  • Connect power to TinyG board. *** BE SURE TO OBSERVE CORRECT POLARITY ***
  • +24v line (yellow) is next to corner of board and board mounting hole
  • Ground (black) is next to capacitor
  • Place jumper on left position of J12 - labeled +12v
  • Connect PDI programming header to J10. Red wire should be on the side with the white dot

Board Test Instructions

Make sure the tester is properly set up. See Tester Setup

One Time Steps

  • Turn off the 24 volt power from the switch if not already off
  • Plug in the 5volt power supply for the BeagleBone Black.
  • This connects to the barrel connector on BeagleBone on the the left-side front of the tester.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds for the BBB to boot
  • Confirm that the short USB connector connects from the A connector on the BBB to the B connector on the tester board.

Steps For Each TinyG Board to Test

  • Turn off board power using switch on tester.
  • Blue power LED on tester (next to power input terminal) should fade off, indicating it is safe to remove any test board if there is one already on the tester.
  • Do not unplug or turn off BeagleBone 5v power wall unit.
  • Carefully align TinyG to test on threaded standoffs. Make sure all pogo pins make contact.
  • Loosely screw on the 4 threaded standoffs to hold the board down. Do not tighten (or you may have problems on removal).

Setup Instructions

Tester Setup

Checklist. Perform in order.

  • Turn power switch off first
  • Unplug 5v wall power supply
  • Place Beaglebone Black on mounting headers with Ethernet jack in cutaway
  • Connect BBB USB host (A connector) to USB B connector on tester board (NOT on Tiny board)

Programmer Setup

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