TinyG Feedhold and Resume

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NOTE: This page describes feedholds supported in release 0.95 / build 377.08 and later which is currently in the edge branch

Character Command AKA Description
! Feedhold Pause Stop movement immediately. Maintains positional accuracy
~ Cycle Start Resume Resume movement from stopping point
% Queue Flush Empty planner buffer. Used for jogging and other cycles

To pause motion send a feedhold character ('!') character during motion. Movement will decelerate to a stop while maintaining positional accuracy. To resume motion send a cycle start tilde character ('~').

If you wish to not perform the remainder of the move after the feedhold send a queue flush character ('%') after the feedhold character. Motion will start with the next Gcode command entered. A cycle start is not necessary after a queue flush.

Jogging Using Feedhold and Queue Flush

To jog using feedhold and queue flush do the following:

  • Start the jog by issuing a move in the jogging direction at the velocity you want for the jog
  • Send a ! when the user wants the jog to stop
  • Send a % to flush the remainder of the move. These can be sent together in a single transmission: "!%"

Nudge moves to fine-tune the jog can be performed by issuing short Gcode moves such as G91 G1 F100 X0.001

Remember to set the system back to absolute mode by issuing a G90.

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