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TinyG Help Page

For detailed TinyG info see:
For the latest firmware see:
Please log any issues at
Have fun


These commands are active from the command line:

  • ^x Reset (control x) - software reset
  • ? Machine position and gcode model state
  • $ Show and set configuration settings
  • ! Feedhold - stop motion without losing position
  • ~ Cycle Start - restart from feedhold
  • h Show this help screen
  • $h Show configuration help screen
  • $test List self-tests
  • $test=N Run self-test N
  • $home=1 Run a homing cycle
  • $defa=1 Restore all settings to "factory" defaults

Note: TinyG generates automatic status reports by default. This can be disabled by entering $sv=0

Configuration Help

These commands are active for configuration:

  • $sys Show system (general) settings
  • $1 Show motor 1 settings (or whatever motor you want 1,2,3,4)
  • $x Show X axis settings (or whatever axis you want x,y,z,a,b,c)
  • $m Show all motor settings
  • $q Show all axis settings
  • $o Show all offset settings
  • $$ Show all settings
  • $h Show this help screen

Each $ command above also displays the token for each setting in [ ] brackets
To view settings enter a token:


For example $yfr to display the Y max feed rate
To update settings enter token equals value:


For example $yfr=800 to set the Y max feed rate to 800 mm/minute.
For configuration details see:

Restore Defaults

Enter $defa=1 to reset the system to the factory default values. This will overwrite any changes you have made.

Boot Loader

Enter $boot=1 to enter the boot loader.

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