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Third-party Provider Clients

Third-party Provider Clients

These provider clients allow integration with other providers not supported by league/oauth2-client. They may require an older version, so please help them with a pull request if you notice this. If you're looking for an official league provider client, check out the first-party provider clients page.

All of these packages depend on league/oauth2-client, and you may use Composer to install them:

$ composer require [vendor/package-name]
Gateway Composer Package Maintainer
42 School mehdibo/oauth2-fortytwo Mehdi Bounya
Amazon michaelkaefer/oauth2-amazon Michael Käfer
Amazon Cognito cakedc/oauth2-cognito Cake Development Corporation
Apple patrickbussmann/oauth2-apple Patrick Bußmann
Auth0 riskio/oauth2-auth0 Nicolas Eeckeloo
Azure Active Directory thenetworg/oauth2-azure Jan Hajek
BASE shippinno/oauth-base SHIPPInno Corp.
Basecamp stevenmaguire/oauth2-basecamp Steven Maguire depotwarehouse/oauth2-bnet Troy Pavlek
Bitbucket stevenmaguire/oauth2-bitbucket Steven Maguire
BookingSync bookingsync/oauth2-bookingsync-php BookingSync
Box stevenmaguire/oauth2-box Steven Maguire
Buddy buddy-works/oauth2-client Arkadiusz Kondas
Buffer tgallice/oauth2-buffer Thomas Gallice
ColorMeShop pepabo/oauth2-colormeshop GMO Pepabo, Inc.
Canvas LMS smtech/oauth2-canvaslms Seth Battis
concrete5 concrete5/oauth2-concrete5 Andrew Embler
Chaster App austomos/oauth2-chaster-app Ben Hyr
ChatWork chatwork/oauth2-chatwork Yuta Adachi
Clever schoolrunner/oauth2-clever Schoolrunner
CloudConvert osavchenko/oauth2-cloudconvert Oleksandr Savchenko
Clover wheniwork/oauth2-clover When I Work
Coinbase openclerk/coinbase-oauth2 Openclerk
Deezer julienbornstein/oauth2-deezer Julien Bornstein
DeviantArt seinopsys/oauth2-deviantart SeinopSys
DigitalOcean chrishemmings/oauth2-digitalocean Chris Hemmings
Discord wohali/oauth2-discord-new Joan Touzet
Docusign sarhan/oauth2-docusign Alaa Sarhan
Dokeop dokeop/oauth2-dokeop Dokeop
Dribbble crewlabs/oauth2-dribbble Crew Labs
Dropbox stevenmaguire/oauth2-dropbox Steven Maguire
Drupal chrishemmings/oauth2-drupal Chris Hemmings
Ecwid mugnate/oauth2-ecwid Nikolay Votintsev
Edenred jzecca/oauth2-edenred Jérôme Zecca
Elance stevenmaguire/oauth2-elance Steven Maguire
Envato dilab/envato-oauth2-provider Xu Ding
Epic Games mrpropre/oauth2-epicgames Adrien Alais
ESIA ekapusta/oauth2-esia Alexander Ustimenko
Etsy startz/oauth2-etsy Chuck Burgess
EVE Online killmails/oauth2-eve Oizys
Eventbrite stevenmaguire/oauth2-eventbrite Steven Maguire
Firefly III stansoft/oauth2-firefly-iii Stanimir Stoyanov
Fitbit djchen/oauth2-fitbit Dan Chen
FormAssembly fathershawn/oauth2-formassembly Shawn Duncan
Foursquare stevenmaguire/oauth2-foursquare Steven Maguire
FreeAgent cloudmanaged/oauth2-freeagent Unmaintained
FreshBooks zerospam/oauth2-freshbooks Antoine Aflalo
Genesys vormkracht10/oauth2-genesys Vormkracht10
Geocaching surfoo/oauth2-geocaching Surfoo
GitLab omines/oauth2-gitlab Niels Keurentjes
Gumroad alofoxx/oauth2-gumroad Alofoxx
GotoWebinar dalpras/oauth2-gotowebinar Stefano Dal Prà
Harvest API v2 globalvisionmedia/oauth2-harvest Peter Hawkins
Harvest API v1 nilesuan/oauth2-harvest Nile Suan
HeadHunter alexmasterov/oauth2-headhunter Alex Masterov
Heroku stevenmaguire/oauth2-heroku Steven Maguire
Housecall Pro compwright/oauth2-housecallpro Jonathon Hill
HubSpot helpscout/oauth2-hubspot Steven Wade
IBM App ID jampire/oauth2-appid Dzianis Kotau
Imgur adam-paterson/oauth2-imgur Adam Paterson
Jira mrjoops/oauth2-jira Alexandre Lahure
Keycloak stevenmaguire/oauth2-keycloak Steven Maguire
Lichess joseayram/oauth2-lichess José Ayram
Linode webinarium/oauth2-linode Artem Rodygin
Mailchimp chadhutchins/oauth2-mailchimp Chad Hutchins aego/oauth2-mailru Alexey
mailXpert mailxpert/oauth2-mailxpert mailXpert
Marketo kristenlk/oauth2-marketo Kristen Kehlenbeck
Mastodon lrf141/oauth2-mastodon Kento Takeuchi
MDirector antevenio/oauth2-mdirector Iván Mota
Meetup wittestier/oauth2-meetup WitteStier
MercadoLibre docta/oauth2-mercadolibre Lucas Banegas
Microsoft stevenmaguire/oauth2-microsoft Steven Maguire
MYOB globalvisionmedia/oauth2-myob Peter Hawkins
Mollie mollie/oauth2-mollie-php Mollie
Monizze jzecca/oauth2-monizze Jérôme Zecca
Mixer morgann/oauth2-mixer Morgann
Naver deminoth/oauth2-naver SangYeob Bono Yu
Netatmo rugaard/oauth2-netatmo Morten Rugaard
Nest stevenmaguire/oauth2-nest Steven Maguire
NIBE olssonm/oauth2-nibe Marcus Olsson
Odnoklassniki aego/oauth2-odnoklassniki Alexey
Okta foxworth42/oauth2-okta Ed Walker
OpenStreetMap jbelien/oauth2-openstreetmap Jonathan Beliën
Optimizely widerfunnel/oauth2-optimizely WiderFunnel Labs
PayPal stevenmaguire/oauth2-paypal Steven Maguire
Pipedrive daniti/oauth2-pipedrive Daniele Timo
Phabricator ofbeaton/oauth2-phabricator Finlay Beaton
Pinterest  vantezzen/oauth2-pinterest vantezzen
Procore oxblue/oauth2-procore Chris Forrence
PSN larabros/oauth2-psn Hassan Khan
Rocket Beans TV oliverschloebe/oauth2-rbtv Oliver Schlöbe
Rdio adam-paterson/oauth2-rdio Adam Paterson
Reddit rtheunissen/oauth2-reddit Rudi Theunissen
Resource Guru adam-paterson/oauth2-resource-guru Adam Paterson
Riot (RSO) kdefives/oauth2-riot Kevin Defives
Salesforce stevenmaguire/oauth2-salesforce Steven Maguire
ServiceTitan compwright/oauth2-servicetitan Jonathon Hill
Shopify multidimensional/oauth2-shopify
Slack adam-paterson/oauth2-slack Adam Paterson
Snapchat pbringetto/oauth2-snapchat Paul Bringetto
SoundCloud martin1982/oauth2-soundcloud Martin de Keijzer
Spotify audeio/spotify-web-api Jonjo McKay
Spotify kerox/oauth2-spotify Romain Monteil
SteemConnect V2 hernandev/oauth2-sc2 Diego Hernandes
Stripe adam-paterson/oauth2-stripe Adam Paterson
Strava edwin-luijten/oauth2-strava Edwin Luijten
Square wheniwork/oauth2-square Woody Gilk
StackExchange alexmasterov/oauth2-stackexchange Alex Masterov
SuperJob alexmasterov/oauth2-superjob Alex Masterov
TikTok bastiaandewaele/oauth2-tiktok Bastiaan Dewaele
Thingiverse freshworkx/oauth2-thingiverse Jens Neumann
ThirtySevenSignals nilesuan/oauth2-thirtysevensignals Nile Suan bogstag/oauth2-trakt Krister Bogstag
Trovo artandor/oauth2-trovo Nicolas Mylle
Trustpilot dmt-software/oauth2-trustpilot DMT software
Twinfield php-twinfield/twinfield Mollie B.V. depotwarehouse/oauth2-twitch Troy Pavlek (New API Helix) vertisan/oauth2-twitch-helix Paweł Farys
Twitter smolblog/oauth2-twitter Evan Hildreth
Uber stevenmaguire/oauth2-uber Steven Maguire
Unsplash hughbertd/oauth2-unsplash Hugh Downer
Untappd shadowhand/oauth2-untappd Woody Gilk
Vend wheniwork/oauth2-vend When I Work
Vimeo saf33r/oauth2-vimeo Safeer Ahmed
Vkontakte j4k/oauth2-vkontakte Jack W
Withings waytohealth/oauth2-withings Way to Health
WordPress krombox/oauth2-wordpress Roman Kapustian
Wechat oakhope/oauth2-wechat Benji Wang
WeCounsel stevenmaguire/oauth2-wecounsel Steven Maguire
Wrike michaelkaefer/oauth2-wrike Michael Käfer
Yahoo hayageek/oauth2-yahoo Ravishanker Kusuma
Yandex aego/oauth2-yandex Alexey
Yelp stevenmaguire/oauth2-yelp Steven Maguire
Zendesk stevenmaguire/oauth2-zendesk Steven Maguire
ZenPayroll wheniwork/oauth2-zenpayroll Woody Gilk
Zoho asad/oauth2-zoho Asadur Rahman
Zoho shahariaazam/zoho-oauth2 Shaharia Azam