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karlhadwen commented Aug 31, 2019

Some tests are logging out errors saying that the unit test needs to be wrapped in Act (I thought this was implemented in React Testing Library by default), but having done a few locally it seems that wrapping the unit tests does fix this. With Enzyme I normally wrap these in Act and it fixes the issue, and it seems this is the case in React Testing Library too.

Since 16.9.0: https://reactjs.or

ScreamZ commented Jan 5, 2020

Hello, some questions about the Controller component :) I guess it could help make things clearer.

I'll also make a documentation pull request.

Remove 3 way to pass args to only one way

Imagine we have a custom controlled Switch component.

To reduce confusion, only allows the <Controller as={Switch} /> syntax and remove the <Controller as={<Switch name="blabla" />} /> one, and

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