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cloos commented Feb 7, 2020

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Django doesn't clean-up sessions by themself, but provides a command to do so:

nicolatron commented Mar 11, 2019

In the Site view page (ie: /cable_plant/view.html?table=Site&id=1). In the Subnet's list, instead of showing the Site, it would be more useful to see the subnet's description in my opinion (as you already know what for what Site you are seen the network list).
Thank you, greetings

simonsigre commented Jan 4, 2020

The reference to --link should be modified as --link is a deprecated feature .

$ docker run -ti -d -p 80:80 -e MYSQL_ENV_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw --name ipam --link phpipam-mysql:mysql pierrecdn/phpipam
Warning: The --link flag is a legacy feature of Docker. It may eventually be removed. Unless you absolutely need to continue using it, we recommend that you use user-
slavkoja commented Aug 6, 2019

I tried it on localhost. It basically works, but i encounter some problems:

  • the CSS path is created by SERVER_ADDR, not by SERVER_NAME, which breaks with multiple virtual hosts on NginX, when default host points elsewhere
  • the sqlite directory needs write permissions for writting into DB file, writting permissions on DB file is not enought
  • the installation instructions doesn't mentio

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