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Kentico Kontent is a Content as a Service system that can replace a legacy CMS. It offers a unified environment for content collaboration, flexible APIs for content management and delivery, and content delivery network and SDKs for building websites and apps with a modern development stack.

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PetrSvirak commented Jun 3, 2021

Brief bug description

The Kontent design changed quite a lot since (Admin/Configuration.js)[] was last updated. It should look completely different now. Check out Kentico/kontent-sample-app-net#128 for an inspiration.

Repro steps

  1. Clone repository fresh (or cle
Simply007 commented Oct 22, 2021


Create a new example under /examples section and showcase SSR and DSG.


Proposed solution

Try to make it minimalistic so that the example focuses only on these features. No styling

Simply007 commented Dec 20, 2018


Showcase resolution for links and inline linked items.

Proposed solution

  • Extent Listing of the article by implementing an article detail page by clicking 'Read more' button.
  • Detail page of the article would resolve body_copy element including links and inline linked items.
    • Basically implement type resolvers and link resolvers in [query resolvers](https://g
rshackleton commented Aug 24, 2019


The motivation is primarily to ensure the project is kept in line with the direction Gatsby is taking and to solve the drawbacks outlined in their documentation:

Proposed solution

The proposed solution is to convert to a theme, the documentation can be found here:

Jmathieu3289 commented Sep 18, 2020


After updating a large application to the latest version of the Java SDK, all calls to the DeliveryClient had to wrapped in a synchronous wrapper. It would be helpful if there were a built-in way to call the DeliveryClient synchronously rather than introducing additional code to the project.

Proposed solution

Add alternate methods for working with the DeliveryClient syn

Created by Ilesh Mistry

Released 2016


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